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April 30, 2004

HD tattoo


Only an invasion of termites or woodpeckers can stop this unique Wooden Bike. (Made in Chino Hill, the next town over!) Found at Sharpeworld

Harley-Davidson Bookends

Harley-Davidson Lighters

Harley-Davidson head tattoo

Many More Bike & Harley Links Here

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April 29, 2004

Decorate your Dwellings with -

fireplace_home_decor Four-foot-long Mystic Sink

Rude Designs barbeques

Cardboard furniture - Frank Gehry's all corrugated "Little Beaver" armchair from the 70’s

“Die screaming with sharp things in your head” – a collection of impaled garden gnomes and Robert Therrien’s round Sofa . (Both from the unique “Blanketfort”)

Innovative bathroom equipment products from Alape

New Yorkers dive right into laps of luxury - In one of the ultimate indulgences of urban living, a small but growing number of New Yorkers are installing swimming pools in their own apartments

Find coordinating colors for your Home decoration project with Behr Color Explore and with Ambienta (Both from “Citrus Moon”)

Welcome to the Wagner's Beam Company website! Your on-line source for the best decorative faux ceiling beams in the Industry. We ship beams Nationwide!

Many More Home Decoration Tips and Links Here

By the way, I am going to be a “Guest blogger” on “Pen-Elayne on the Web” over the weekend, until she moves into her new place. Go there & enjoy!

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April 28, 2004

Death of a Pet


Bad cat for sale - only $5. “This is the shittiest cat you could ever be cursed with. He's an indeterminate age, but acts like the rowdiest teenager you could ever have. Hates being petted, will scratch furniture and will destroy your carpet with his claws, will get and stay underfoot while you are trying to get stuff done. Not scared of the vacuum.”

“My little baby girl Soda died two years ago” - Thoughts about the death of a pet

Polar bears meeting a nuclear Submarine at the Arctic Circle

Camp Goat-rodeo makes no guarantees of spiritual enlightenment, emotional security or financial reward from gazing into the Anus of Truth, but you can take a photo of yourself there, looking like the horse’s ass (or rather, the goat)...

The Hall of Taxidermy, a.k.a. the Helsinki Museum of Natural History (From “Axis of Aevil”)

Shrek the sheep faces his shearers - A sheep in New Zealand dodged the shearers for six years

Dionisio Minaggio's Feather Book. Published in 1618

Making the rounds: Bitch Pills From Thomas Labs. “Formulated with special herbs for the breeding female during pre-heat, heat, gestation, whelping & lactation”.

Cat WebCam Top 10 List

Not the dog, not the dog”…

Many More Unusual News about Animals Here

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Death of the independent book store

bookstore Howzitgoin?

Twelve reasons for the death of small and independent book stores from the "Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop", which closed its doors after 29 years

Self-portrait at World's biggest bookstore (the actual name of the store) in toronto

Stump the Bookseller - Have you forgotten the title of your favorite children's book? This is a service to help solve your book mysteries

Libraries that loan Picassos, not Grishams

Donkey library- Donkey mobile units use electro-communication carts, which have solar units on the roof. As a result of these solar units, solar energy charges a battery, which provides the electric power. Furthermore, many electronic materials are used in this cart; for example, in the back of the cart, there are storage cabinets for batteries, inverters, books, music disks, records, and videocassettes. Consequently, eighty-six percent of the population in the area served by these donkey libraries can now read. Also, Camel library

Many More Unusual Bookstores and Unusual Literary Links Here Here

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April 27, 2004

Whimsical Graphics

igelfischchli Black Ribbon (From “Chapel Perilous”)

Results of the POVRay Fractal Raytracing Contest. (Found at “Reality Carnival”. Congratulations to its webmaster, Dr. Cliff Pickover, for being nominated for the 2004 Webby Awards, Weird Category!)

“Hotel”, a new interactive tale from Hans Hoogerbrugge!

Golan Levin is a superb designer with dozens of digital creations. Here is just a random application, “Meshy”

The creative guys at “b3ta” has a w3bring which contains tons of crazy ideas & odd designs. The Blowfish above is a simple image from “Loko” there

Old Flash Experiments from Clown Staples

Many More Flash, Java & Shockwave Links Here

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April 26, 2004

November 2004 is Here

Cheney_duckWith all discussions about the medals, here’s a simple comparison of two documents about Volunteering for Vietnam

Photos of some of the properties owned by John Kerry. As a real estate man, I approve… And a panoramic shot of Kerry's House in Boston, Mass. Also, a little history of the “home on the ranch" in Crawford, Texas (Warning - very strong DNC slant!). However, not everybody feel that way: Bob Model of Cody, WY, for example, the president of the local Boone and Crockett Club, was much impressed by Bush, a “rancher who loves and cares of his land”

How much will it cost to and is it worth stealing an election?

Who will Kerry pick for a VP? Play the Slate’s Veep-O-Matic 2004

And how about a nice cup of STFU with Roy Moore for President ? "Since George W. Bush has betrayed the Republican Party's Christian base, with half-hearted, insincere devotion to God in his public policies, Roy Moore is the man to bring faith back to America!"

Very popular today: John Kerry Is A Douche Bag But I’ m Voting For Him Anyway “dot com”, just about sums it up

Finally, Bush Admits Mistakes, Apologizes

Bush Vs. Kerry Online Forum

More about the 2004 Presidential Election Here

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Morbid Lego Games

animated_dice3 A party for the Simpson Pinball Machine and the Lego Crash Test series. (Both from “Inflight Correction”)

Morbid Lego stop-Action Animations

Party Games for Children from “Bovine Inversus”. For example, “Nobody Likes You” - Two 'captains' are chosen on a basis of popularity. The captains take turns choosing their friends until only one child is left. The rest of the children point to the unpicked child and sing out 'nobody likes you!'...

Why putt a round, when you can drive a Classic Car Putter?

This is a real game, and here are the real rules - How to Play Cornhole (From “Gravity Lens”)

Accessories for Model Trains

A large Game and Toys Collection Here

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How much does a Matta Baby cost?

We_found_our_dogQ: How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: A fish

Not funny - American Express threatens Brad Templeton over a joke on his web site

This room is full of people that think you are funny

Anniversary Jokes (From “Pen-Elayne on the Web”)

Drummer Jokes like these -

What do Ginger Baker and 7-11 coffee have in common?
They both suck without Cream.

Punch Line - The history of jokes and those who collect them

Story of an Italiano

The Saddam and George show from February 2003

Many More Odd Jokes and other Funny Stuff Here

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Pop Vs. Soda

Pepsi_coke_1 Tom Mcmahon’s Mugs-A-Plenty Collection

You know you have some serious drinking problems when the owner of “Ray’s Fine Liquors” sends you a letter of concern… You need more signs that you’re a drunk ? Here are the top 400 of them.

“Got Milk” with Alex DeLarge

How to decorate your Cappuccino with “The Art of Latte”. (From “Boing Boing”)

Sprinkle some “Caffeine” on your breakfast cereal - 100% Pure White Crystalline Powder Caffeine. This Caffeine is a cut above the rest being of absolute pure quality. Directions: Add 1/16 Teaspoon (105 mg.) caffeine powder to juice or soft drinks. (From “Stupid Tom”)

The Bar Monkey, simply put, is a vending machine that serves mixed drinks

Cooking with Root Beer

(Photo above from “Fark”). Many Unusual Drink links Here

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April 25, 2004

Metaphors, clichés & punctuations

Ambigrams "The ballerina rose gracefully en pointe and extended one slender leg behind her, like a dog at a lamppost". How not to write metaphors - "These are metaphors from actual GCSE essays - who said the Literacy Hour's not paying off?"

Dooce is Teaching her Daughter About Her Cheeseburger and a long discussion about names for her unmentionable parts

Press releases from the Plain English Campaign: Plain English supporters around the world have voted "At the end of the day" as the most irritating phrase in the language.
Second place in the vote was shared by "At this moment in time" and the constant use of "like" as if it were a form of punctuation. "With all due respect" came fourth

Lynne Truss’s “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” Punctuation Game. (Found at “Fat Buddha”)

Randall Woodman’s Taglines Galore: “A tagline is a one line sentence that you add to the end of your messages. They are often witty but sometimes serious or offensive. It is up to the person writing the message to decide what tagline, if any, they want to add to the end of their message”… Not for the faint of heart - There are hundreds of Thousands of taglines in this collection!

Many More Linguisticalistic links Here

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Moon_river_mancini 2004 is the Year of Henry Mancini, what with the new Mancini commemorative stamp, The Henry Mancini Institute and all those wonderful Mancini Scores

“Music to help you stop smoking”, and many more orphans from thrift stores at “Show & Tell”

What does a deaf rave sound like?

Music Videos: Bob Schneider’s ”Come with me Tonight”, and Sam Bisbee’s stop-action video “You Are Here” (from the brand new CD "HIGH")

The new Blue Man Group’s Complex Rock Tour Live

Country Music Wax Museum Memorabilia Collectibles, offered on E-bay for $150,300. Another offering, slightly cheaper - air guitar, Winning bid: US $9.25…

Many More Eclectic Music Links Here

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JimmyKimmelMaking the rounds today: “ Hey Crackhead Yes, you! Why don’t you own a Crack pipe?!”

Viral Marketing of the bad kind - The infamous Doubletree Presentation - Yours is a Very Bad Hotel

Truth, honesty and the deepest form of sincerity are always close at hand with those Honesty Stamps

Small, delightful vignettes from “Very Important Things”, like ‘Here at the center for mental health, we put the “pulse” back in obsessive compulsive, “man” back in manic depressive, and “aixelsyde” back in dyslexia.

Noel’s Pee Pee, gas & Minimart road sign

sofa_kingSeen on the side of a bus - “Our prices are Sofa-King low!”

Mikeyboy does a goatse (Not endorsed by the Vegetarian Society but I wish it was)...

Jumping Jokes - is a collection of Flash cartoons, games and interactive E-Cards inspired by the cut-out style of Terry Gilliam. (From "Capital of Nasty”, creators of The Coglione D'Oro)

Shake that Booty

Browse through our previous Funny and Crazy Links Here

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Big Wave World record broken!

surf The world record for biggest wave ever ridden was officially shattered at the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards. Pete Cabrinha of Hawaii rode a 70-footer. Watch the awe-inspiring videos.

More amazing videos, this time of Extreme Tree Soccer dribbling! (From Coolio), and Extreme Treadmill Run

Baseball on Stamps

Adrenaline-crazed demonstration of Skyaking...

Bike Stunts & Flips

Adventure tourism in New Zealand - Queenstown is the extreme sports capital of the world and the adventure business is the town's lifeblood.

The North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA. From Information Junk)

Many More Unusual Links about Extreme Sports Here

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More Unusual Restaurants

burger “Revolution”, a British chain of Vodka bars. (From “A Welsh View”)

Jesus Endorses Northern Virginia Restaurants, including Panjshir Afghan Restaurant and Malibu Grill Brazilian Steakhouse…

“Pocketful of Dough” – How to Bribe your way into A-class restaurants

Tradition vs. restaurants in old Damascus. It used to be that visitors to Damascus had limited options for fine dining: a buffet at the Sheraton, a French bistro at the Meridian, or a Chinese restaurant in the Cham Palace Hotel. That's changed in the past few years, though, as old city Damascus has been overrun by eateries. Wealthy Syrian businessmen have bought some 40 traditional Arab homes and converted them into restaurants with trendy names such as Oxygen and Neutron…

You’ve been to Hooters, now come to Beavers Restaurant

Many More Unusual Restaurant & Bars Here

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deathk Gravesites of the Old West: outlaws, lawmen, Cattlemen and more

‘Dr Death - Anatomy showman Gunther von Hagens’ horrendous dealings’, from photographer Marc Steinmetz

Suicidal Balloon, animated series by Randall Lynton's

Suicide Notes. (From “The G Spot”)

Conspiracy behind The Death of Kurt Cobain

Mausoleum Problems (Adipocere, also Known By The Terms “Grave Wax” & “Mortuary Fat” – a graphic site, do not click unless you want to)…

Many More Unusual Links About Death and Eternity and about Unusual Coffins & Caskets Here

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