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April 28, 2004

Death of the independent book store

bookstore Howzitgoin?

Twelve reasons for the death of small and independent book stores from the "Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop", which closed its doors after 29 years

Self-portrait at World's biggest bookstore (the actual name of the store) in toronto

Stump the Bookseller - Have you forgotten the title of your favorite children's book? This is a service to help solve your book mysteries

Libraries that loan Picassos, not Grishams

Donkey library- Donkey mobile units use electro-communication carts, which have solar units on the roof. As a result of these solar units, solar energy charges a battery, which provides the electric power. Furthermore, many electronic materials are used in this cart; for example, in the back of the cart, there are storage cabinets for batteries, inverters, books, music disks, records, and videocassettes. Consequently, eighty-six percent of the population in the area served by these donkey libraries can now read. Also, Camel library

Many More Unusual Bookstores and Unusual Literary Links Here Here

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