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February 28, 2004

Since our Sand Sculpture Collection proved to be so popular, here is a similar collection of eclectic links about Ice Sculpting. Where would you rather learn your carving skill, in West Palm Beach or in Fairbanks, AK? Either way, here you go…

british_museum.jpg Sapporo Snow Festival.

The Simpson Family snow sculpture - Omaha, NE. More Homer recreated in snow .

Steve Berkshire's "Point of no Return".

2001 Snow Sculpture International Competition and 2003 schedule . World Ice Art Championships 2003 Single Block Classic March 5 - 7, 2003.

The Red White & Blue .

theod.jpgThis Theodore Roosevelt Ice sculpture was created by Klaus Ebeling and was found on "Whirled White Web" , 2003 silver medalist at the international Snow Sculpture competition. (From the old "Grow-a-Brain")

See team captain Stan Wagon on his square-wheel bike.

Explore co-designer Professor Carlo H. Squin's various projects . (From "Reality Carnival" ).

Welcome to Ice Guru . I like their Lady center-piece.

Duncan Hamilton Ice Sculpture .

Multi Block Classic , from "Ice Alaska".

From Fairbanks.

"Polar bears" ice sculptures in Boston Common.

“Hirmes” Photos of Ice - (11/2/03).

Polar Bear from "Big Sky Dave" (1/25/04).

Miniature Ice Sculptures from "NICA" , National Ice Carving Association.

Shrimp Ball.

Snow Show in Lapland. The creative personalities involved all look very normal.

The Swedish Ice Hotel on the way to the North Pole. A personal visit to the hotel. More photos. (How about swimming in icewater from same?). Another personal trip. The Canadian Ice Hotel .

"Never Forget" Ice Angel .

Visitors pass the Suwa Taisha shrine, made of ice, at the Crystal Festival in Chino, northwest of Tokyo February 16, 2004. This is Japan's largest fluorescent lighted ice sculpture event.

Bridal Gallery from Nadeau’s .

A luge is an ice sculpture that has been specifically crafted so that beverages can be run through or across it and served ice cold.

2001 Winterfest, Port Washington, WI .

Ice Castle from Dawn Jacksons.

2001 Winterfest, Port Washington, WI .

Ice Flowers.

Ice Fractals.

Grow-a-Brain’s Extensive Sand Sculptures Galleries and Ice Sculptures Galleries Here

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looking for an ice sculpture shaped like a bass guitar as well as one of the scales of justice (for a wedding he plays bass and she is a lawyer). please advise on cost. thank you in advance. stef

Posted by: stef at Jun 9, 2005 12:19:52 PM

I love your ice sculpts. They are nice and I will love to do your job. Maybe you can down load some tips.

Your friend,
Jenelle Archibald

Posted by: Jenelle at Apr 20, 2006 7:30:15 AM