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February 01, 2004

Here are the old "Grow-a-Brain" Insect-eating links

Cricket_eating Bassetts Cricket Ranch

Books About Entomophagy (From "Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School" )

Bugs for breakfast

Chocolate covered ants , crickets and roaches . Oklahoma's Chocolate Ant Farm

Eating Sago Worms

Eating Your Garden Snails

Eat worms - feel better . Who would deliberately drink a dose of gut worms? Anna Glanz.

Entomophagy - Let's eat bugs

Food for Insects

Hot Licks Cricket Sucker (From "Novelty Candy" )

How to use Insects as Food

House of Bugs - A Strange Blog

Insects as Food in Different Cultures

Insect Snacks from Around the World (From "Zack's Bug-Feasting Page" )

Jolie loves insect food

Mezcal with the worm - forget it! What about mezcal with a scorpion ? and The true history of the worm in the bottle

Mouse Bread , Yuck - 1/19/04

Night Bazaar is located close to the city center on Manat Road which is between Chomphon and Mahatthai roads. It is opened everyday from 6 to 10 p.m everyday.

Nutrition Facts

Pass the bugs, please , critters on the menu

Peter Menzel Photography . (Explore the whole site!)

Pharyngeal Irritation After Eating Cooked Tarantula (From "Weird Links" )

Shanghai Guide

Tales from "Fear Factor"

Truly- Eclectic & Unusual dishes - Thank you, Phillip D.L. - 8/2/03

Cooked_bugs_1 Tasty Insect Recipes from Iowa State University

The Worm Man , global consultants to the Worm Farming Industry

Typhoon Restaurant in Santa Monica (From "Bay Area Bug Eating Society" Stories )

Unusual Thai food

Yogesh Chavan tasted toads, cockroaches (From "A Welsh View" ) - 1/17/04

Why not bugs?

Weird & Different Recipes from Bert Christensen

Worm food Game

Comments ? More Links? Please add them here!

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