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February 11, 2004


Delusions of Grandeur in Fantasyland: 60 Reasons Why I Hate Disney World - Dedicated to the thousands of underpaid Disney "cast members" who have to don ridiculous costumes, wear plastic smiles and endure obnoxious tourists from around the globe.

The old Disneyland Postcards and Gay day outing at Disneyland.

"Growing up in the shadows of Disneyland", from the amazing "Photos of the Forgotten".

Happiest Potties on Earth

Obsessive Disney Fans

Tour of Club 33 at Disneyland

(The links above are from the old Grow-a-Brain collection about Anaheim, california ).

eBay auction of a Space Mountain Attraction Vehicle - The winning bid: US $ 6,300.

Of course, here is the Disney Tattoo Guy with his 1,501 Disney Tattoos. His Disney House.

Disneyland ’68 (From “Etixland Theme park of the mind”).

The old ride "If You Had Wings" (From “Virtual Toad” , a complete CGI reconstruction of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. ).

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