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February 06, 2004

The 2003 Hitchcock link collection from the old "Grow-a-Brain"

Hitchcock Cigar Box (From Hollywood: Manuscripts and Memorabilia by way of "Caterina")

Absolut Hitchcock

Advertising Hitchcock (Tripod - sorry) - 8/16/03

Bernard Herrmann - from "Citizen Kane" To "Taxi Driver"

Edit your own version of "Psycho" Shower Scene

Giant Hitchcock Head Facing Hollywood

Hitchcock's cameos , all of them! (From Eliot Gelwan's "Follow Me Here" - 11/11/03)

Hitchcock's Look-alike . (From "Incoming Signals" - 11/25/03)

Hitchcock Reviews (From "Images")

17 Mosaics of scenes from Hitchcock's films

"Senses of Cinema" Hitchcock articles - 1/11/04

The Master's Fetishes (From "Quiddity") - 12/ 14/03

"Vertigo" Virtual Tour

Wit & Wisdom from "Master of Suspense"

More Unusual Hitchcock and Unusual Chaplin Moments Here

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