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January 31, 2004

Here are the 2003 Grow-a-Brain Frank Zappa links

Zappa_sister_1Frank Zappa's sister and mother re-visit their old Lancaster, California house (From "Lantz's Zappa Site" )

Affinity with animals (From "Kill Ugly Radio" , the Zappa blog) - 12/26/03

Biffy the Elephant Shrew (From "Arf Amateur FZ Scholars Links" - many dead links)

American Composer on PRI Audio Page- 12/26/03

"And now....you are going to dance... like you've never danced before!" - Zappa The Sheik

Asteroid Zappafrank - 12/26/03

Bogus Pomp from Tampa Bay, FL

Bootlegs - 12/26/03

Cal Schenkel designed many of the Zappa album sleeves (This site has only 2 pages) - 12/26/03

Complete Gig List

Concert Posters (From "Kill Ugly Radio" ) - 12/26/03

Cosmic Baseball Association Before Freak Out

Covers and more - 12/19/03

Cucamonga from Captain Beefheart

Die Beistelltische - A German Cappella Group

Dweezil Releases

Evelyn, a modified dog Lyrics

Frank Zappa Official Site

FZ Beard-a-Like (From Ian Stonehouse)

Graphic Effects (From "The Big Note")


Harper Street Ink's Zappa Files

Have I Offended Someone?

"I am the Slime" ,The SNL performance. (From "The Mudshark Dance Lesson Video Archive" ) - 12/26/03

Ike Willis

In France

"I pledge allegiance to Frank Zappa" by Matt Groening (From "The Black Page" ) - 12/26/03

Kasper Sloots's "Zappa's Musical Language"

Last Interview (From "Maybe You Thought I Was The Packard Goose" ) - 1/7/04

Lyrics - 12/26/03

Mark Prindle's Zappa page

Monkey from Zappaverse

Moon Zappa

Mothers Of Prevention

My Brother Was A Mother by Candy Zappa - 12/26/03

Mystery Sound Page

Non Standard English in "Zomby Woof" (PDF)

Peaches En Regalia (From The Hungarian "Magyar Frank Zappa Egyesület")

Petit Wazoo Tour - 1/8/04

Planet Zappa Radio

Quote of the Day from "St. Alphonzo's Pancake" - 12/10/03

Russian Flexi-Discs

Ruth Gallery

Sausage Jamboree's Sofanic Messages

Sound Bytes

South American Releases (From "Marcelo Gasio's Page") - 1/14/04

Tablatures & Chord Charts - 12/26/03

Zappa_guitar_1Tinsel Town Rebellion Album References - 12/26/03

The inspiration of "Weasels ripped my flesh" cover

Tribute bands and Mutations

"Understanding 200 Motels" and lyrics from same movie - 12/19/03

Yellow Shark - 12/26/03

Z402 @ Indiana University

Zappa @ RYKO - 12/26/03

Zappa recording studio site on 8040 Archibald Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga

Zappa Sculptures from Michael Keropian - 12/26/03

Zappa and "LOUIE LOUIE" - 11/12/03

Zappology, A Detailed Listen to the
Music and Lyrics of Frank Zappa, by Chris Federico

Zirp, The Zappa Image Resurrection Project - 12/26/03

Many More Odd Zappa Moments Here and Unusual Dylan Links Here

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