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January 31, 2004

“Save the Roaches, Arnie” – Grow-a-Brain’s 2003 Eclectic Marijuana Collection.

Arnold_toking Grow-a-Brain was one of the first blogs to discover on 9/1/03 that a certain Kalifornian Gubernatorial Candidate was suspected of having glaucoma: Arnold Schwarzenegger was caught by a photographer treating himself for glaucoma during youth. Substance purported to have been purchased in backroom pharmacy run by young Cruz Bustamante.In a "Weekly World News" poll of purported alien babies (being 66% of the population of California), with absolutely no margin for error, 55% stated that they had purchased products from Mr. Bustamante, 63% said they had smoked pot with Mr. Schwarzenegger, and 99.9% said they had sex with Jennifer Lopez. (Comments by "Tiger: Raggin' & Rantin'" )

A poster of 101 Phish song titles from the same fan - 1/15/04

Absolut Chronic - 11/6/03

Albert Hofmann, The Father of LSD - 11/28/03

Amsterdam Coffeeshops Reviews - 9/28/03

Arnold is Coming ...About the smoking scene in "Pumping Iron"

Assassin of Youth and Covers of Drug-related Pulps , "Half-stoned" and "LSD Orgy"... 11/24/03

Baby Hemp - 9/27/03

Beware the smoke loaned to you by a Friendly Stranger! - 1/7/04

Boring Drugs

Brad Pit as Floyd in "True Romance" - 10/25/03

Camera art of Dean Chamberlain, known for his photographic series on the elder pioneers of the modern psychedelic movement, including Timothy Leary, Baba Ram Dass and Terence McKenna - 10/11/03

Canada reports massive marijuana bust in Ontario - 25,000 plant, $30 million worth. Police estimate there are about 15,000 illegal marijuana grow operations in Ontario alone - 1/17/04

Cannabis in the Kitchen and Rolling tips - 9/21/03.

Rolling Papers Collection. (From Metafilter- 1/6/04)

Cannabis Puzzle

Carl Sagan's description of his marijuana usage (From "76 Marijuana Users") . Thanks, Dave - 9/15/03

Caught with Weed

Cheech and Chong - 9/19/03 (& their Bong - 10/23/03)

Christmas is coming soon: Here's A Drug War Carol By Susan W. Wells & Scott Bieser, Jack Herer's "Emperor of Hemp" and the complete Bootleg Bud Bible about Medical Marijuana - 1/14/04

Cocaine is Hell and Cocaine is addictive

Dope Farmer, The Game - 10/23/03

Drug Related Slang Terms - 9/28/03

Dutch Connection Cruises (From "Devil's Harvest") - 10/29/03

Drug War Clock The U.S. federal government will spend over 19.2 billion dollars at a rate of about $609 per second on the War on Drugs this year - 11/28/03

Europeans Don't Know How to Smoke Pot - 12/21/03

Field of Dreams - 10/5/03

First bong in the USA (From "Bong Museum") - 11/12/03

First in England to sell cannabis online to the uk public - 9/18/03

Flavored Rolling Papers (From "Smokin'scents") - 10/23/03

Free Tommy Chong - 10/19/03

Glass Vibes - 1/15/04

Grandma's Green Cookbooks - 1/25/04

Grannies High Rollers (From "Information Junk") - 11/24/03.

German joint rolling game

Greenman Seed Search Garden

Happy Holidays - 9/20/03

Happy Santa Christmas Card and Saudi Arabia Beheads Smuggler - 9/14/03

Hasheesh to hasheesh... Amsterdam's 'Head shops' reviewed: "It's surprising how few coffee shops have wheelchair access..." - 9/28/03

Help build a better America

Hemp Car (From "Christians for Cannabis") - 10/24/03

"High for a night - Slow for a month" video - 10/23/03

High on PCP

"High Time" Cannabis Cup Contest

How Marijuana Works - 9/15/03

How to roll Crossroads, Tulips , nosecones and "Cigars" - 9/29/03 . How to smoke them - 10/22/03.

Kermit Shows Us How to Roll - 11/16/03 .

Inside Dope , from "Forbes" - 11/9/03

In the early 90's, I had a friend named Bruce Perlowin who authored & published the original "Ex-Marijuana drugpin looking for a job" resume. We met after he was released from 14 years in federal prison which he served for smuggling a billion dollars worth of pot in the 70's. Now we have a second media resume - 10/7/03

John Buffalo Mailer , the son of Norman & the new editor of "High Times" has re-formatted the magazine to look more "modern" - 12/10/03

Joint Etiquette - 10/9/03

Kaneh Bosm - The hidden Story of Cannabis in the Old Testament - 12/8/03

Legal Weed (From "420 people") - 9/21/03

London Town LP artwork

Marijuana Beer - 9/15/03

Marijuana Girl - 11/29/03

Marijuana Greatest Hits (From "Pure THC") - 11/4/03

Marijuana Linked to Sitting Around and Getting High , From "The Onion"

Marijuana Moisture natural skin and hair care products

Medical Cannabis Picture Gallery Pre-prohibition cannabis-related items for sale- 1/25/04

Million Marijuana March - 9/15/03

NORML - National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

...Now there are Bumper Stickers - 9/6/03 (Not ours!)

Pictures of Marijuana (From "ESC" ) - 8/26/03

"Poets of Chaos" , a psychadelic/philosophical chatrooms... See "She wanted to save a silver cartridge" at Deoxy - "The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension" - Pretty wild stuff... - 10/11/03

Pot or not?

Reefer songs and Drug Culture In Jazz 1932 - 1945 - 10/23/03

Results of experiments with Spiders and Drugs and Black Widow Spider Necklaces - 9/16/03

Sacred Herb - 10/24/03

In other related Links:101 places in America you won't believe exist, from Toquerville and Baked Mountain To Puffin Island and Smoketown

Shake & Bake TV

Shel Silverstein's "Great SmokeOut" (From "Quadrofonic" ) - 10/23/03

"Since 1996" - Marijuana Vaporizer - 100% functional and with high quality, durable and long lasting parts. (Please do not underestimate the value of high quality parts.) - 1/12/04

"Smash the Roaches" Game (From "Ultimate Insult" ) - 11/5/03

Some Famous Cannabis Users

"Start" - 141,300 (!) cannabis-sites - 9/20/03

Stoned Cats - 9/27/03

Taima , Japanese hemp - 10/2/03

"The Addicts Sing" Album Cover - 11/25/03

"The Demonized Seed" , "LA-Times" article about the history of industrial Hemp - 1/18/04

The Marijuanalogues , a very funny trio we saw in Ontario, (Watch their Videos! ). From "Anodyne" - 9/8/03

The Original Potstar Ashtray , Every serious smoker has to own one of these, and hiding safes in ordinary products - 9/24/03

THC Ministry Amsterdam - 10/14/03

This is not an "Onion" headline, even though it sounds like one: First tokers of Health Canada cannabis call it disgusting, want money back - 9/19/03

Time Magazine Cover, Nov. 4, 2002 - 12/30/03

Timothy Leary's Last Kiss

Top Ten Drug War Stories of 2003, from "AlterNet" - 1/15/04

Trip Wonker : 1. Stare at the center of the Trip Wonker for at least ten seconds. 2. Look at any solid object in your house and watch it warp.... - 10/26/03

Two for the Road: The "Lycaeum" and "Erowid" - 9/18/03

Use more than one air freshener - 10/26/03

Virtual Bong Hit - The Game

Visionary Art (From "Reality Carnival") - 9/29/03

War on Drugs and other Drug Cultures Sites . Also, War on Drugs Clock

Watch "Reefer Madness" online

Weed Games

arn2.gifWeedosaurus of Holmes County, Ohio - 10/5/03

Welcome to Weed, California The City of Weed is nestled on the western slopes of Mount Shasta in Northern California at an elevation of 3,467 feet. Located right at the intersection of Interstate 5 and Highway 97, it marks the beginning of the Alaskan Highway. It's also midway between Redding and Medford, San Francisco and Portland, and Los Angeles and Seattle - 1/3/04

"When I Get Low, I Get High", Reefer Songs: 23 Original Jazz & Blues Vocals - 9/21/03

World's first publicly traded marijuana company coming right up, (only in Canada) - 12/8/03

More about any kind of illegal drugs especially Acid and Pot Here

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