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January 31, 2004

Beside Grow-a-Brain, here is a list of other Real estate Blogs. If you know of others, please send them to us for review.

soldAttitude: Becky Blogs from IRED - 1/2/04

The France Blog , Everything you wanted to know about France, from "French Property Digest" - 7/18/03

San Luis Obispo Real Estate Blog by Keith Byrd from Pismo Beach, CA.

Fran and Rowena blog - Double Agents from La Cananda, CA and blogging daily - 9/7/03

Beautiful Santa Barbara Blog by Gary and Laury Woods is a good, new blog - 6/23/03

Home blog is a generic template geared more toward the home-owner

John Mudd in Pinellas Park, FL started a good weblog with irregular postings.

Location, location, location started 6/17/03 - (Somewhere in Florida?...), seems to be the best of the bunch with regular postings..

Moving to Portland is not a blog, but has an extensive link section, more than most average Realtor sites - 10/5/03

William Quick's blog, The San Francisco Real Estate Blog

Pirate Cafe , A creative blog about more than real estate - 10/29/03

Real Estate Randomness - The first Real Estate Blog from Minnesota, by Brent Kleinheksel - 8/16/03

"Smarter Agent" CEO Brad Blumberg lets you peer into the mind of a savvy real estate pro - discuss the best places to find and buy real estate - and learn about new technology... - 11/11/03

Things to do in Sacramento , by Kathy Lockwood - 8/16/03 (and Particle Wave - 9/7/03)

Government Auctions Blog! - An excellent concept - 9/28/03

Tri-C Real Estate Law is written by Carol Irvin J.D., Instructor of Real Estate in Cleveland

for_saleAlicia Jenkins of Coldwell Banker in Rio Rancho, NM has a list of these real estate blogs on her website

Urban Living Seattle by Heather Williams of Coldwell Banker that started in October 2002

Iron Hanks' Real Estate & Foreclosures Information, Henry Imbriaco's blog - 10/5/03

Investing in Real Estate started publishing in August 2002 by "newbie investors" Troy & Rachel Ross, and has a good page of Links relevant to investments - 7/17/03

We begin to see many "Real Estate Blogs" that are built by Bots all in the same format and are probably sold to realtors as a cookie-cutter package, like the Nanaimo Realty weblog - Mmmmm... 9/28/03

Here is an article from April 28, called The Real Estate World: A Perfect Candidate for Blogs and WiFi (by Blair Friedeman)

"Desert Modernism" , a new blog about renovating an Alexander home in Palm Springs - 8/31/03

Discontinued real estate blogs: Banker is Larry Klapow's Blog. Drew of City Habitat from New York City. Relocate to Boulder Colorado started on 6/30/03. Southwest Florida Real estate . Help blog . Bethanny Davis's Cute Writer Girl. Real Estate Wisdom from Oceanside, California ... Many more...

If you have a real estate blog not on my complete list of all Real Estate Blogs you can post a comment here, or email me with your URL & notes

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Tracked on Apr 29, 2006 2:35:15 AM


Hello All! A new real estate blog has surfaced in Nashville, TN. I will be visiting your blogs feel free to post on mine: middletnrealestate.blogspot.com


Posted by: Ulysses Minor at Jan 19, 2005 8:28:53 PM

No, no, no...my blog is not discountinued!!



Posted by: Keith Byrd at Feb 7, 2005 11:38:59 PM


We just launched a new blog for realtors in South Florida to post their listings for free.

Check it out and post your listings.

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Just thought I'd mention this website, with over 1500 listings for sale or rent in Puerto Rico... near the beach, peacefull, and great investement.
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Posted by: Giancarlo at Mar 17, 2005 8:59:31 PM

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Posted by: Alberto at Mar 17, 2005 9:01:14 PM

Just started a real estate blog for Payson, AZ. The market here is going crazy! We own/operate our own "Mom and Pop" office in Payson. We handle sales AND rentals so part of the information will deal with renting vs. selling, how not to get burned by a tenant, and such.

Posted by: Leslie at Apr 11, 2005 4:06:24 PM

Thought the URL would show up above ofr the Payson, AZ site.
It is http://www.simpleatheart.com/blog/

Posted by: Leslie at Apr 11, 2005 4:08:45 PM

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I am wanting to start my own blog. As soon as I do, I will come back and post it here.

I am not sure where to start, but some folks say blogspot?? Anyway, love the information.

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Just started a real estate blog for Payson, AZ. The market here is going crazy! We own/operate our own "Mom and Pop" office in Payson. We handle sales AND rentals so part of the information will deal with renting vs. selling, how not to get burned by a tenant, and such.


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I just created this blog to keep people current on the real estate market trends of the New Jersey Shore, specifically Monmouth and norther Ocean counties.

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Posted by: Cecilia Sherrard at Sep 15, 2005 8:35:07 AM

Your acticle commented:
"No. 1. The average agent sells only a few homes a year, and No. 2: The median annual earnings of real estate agents were $30,930 in 2002. That’s a shame – Would YOU let a person earning $31,000 / year handles your biggest asset?"

That is so mis-leading... The "average" agent doesn't "DO" anything... I don't rmember what the exact last statistic is, but it's somewhere around 5% of the agents do 90% of the business.

Of course you don't want to trust the sale of your home to a part-timer. Take the time to find a "real" Realtor that is full time and is in the top 5 or 10%

Deanna Mazurek

Posted by: Deanna at Sep 15, 2005 4:10:55 PM

Your blog is quite awesome and informative, have bookmarked and will keep checking back for updates.

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Posted by: Cecilia Sherrard at Jan 23, 2006 9:19:05 AM

A new real estate blog has launched, The Sarasota Real Estate Scene. It looks like it has great potential!
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