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January 31, 2004

Old & Odd Links of String Instruments

strings2 Guitars At Once, By John Bowden. (From Weird Links) - 8/29/03

Adrian Legg

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Air Guitar World Championship in Oulu, Finland in August

Auto-Harp Artist of the Month

Capek, Czech Mandolin builder

Chrysalis Foundation, building new acoustic musical instruments - 11/17/03

Django Reinhardt Swing Page

Dr. Horsehair Music Co. - Banjo recordings and Banjo instruction books by Bob Flesher in the modern-day clawhammer banjo or frailing style and the old-time minstrel banjo stroke style

Eastman Archtop guitars (From Bifurcated Rivets)

Fender World - 8/9/03

Fetish Guitars

Gibson Custom debuts 'The Birth of Christ tribute guitar' (- 11/11/03) and Gibson cashes in as baby boomers rock on - Nostalgia fuels guitar maker's revival

"Guitarded", make guitar noises with your mouth... (From Kottke )

Guitar Dreams

string2 Guitorgan is a strange piece of equipment

Guzheng - Chinese Zither - One of the most ancient Chinese traditional music instruments

Harley Davidson Carvin, from Doug Rowell’s Carved Guitars

Hear "Fairport Convention"s Richard Thompson perform an acoustic version of "Oops, I Did It Again!" - not what you would expect. (From Sciatica) - 11/18/03

"Hello, Let's play the ukulele!", Ukulele Lessons - 9/23/03

Irregular Orbit, Ookworld's wobbly satellite

Limehouse Blues

Matt Haimovitz, World-class cellist likes gigs at bars - 12/28/03

Mini Guiters of The Beatles from Miniature guitars

Paco de Lucia, a great Flamenco guitarist - 12/10/03

Pat Metheny's "Pikasso I" Guitar

Playmate of the month (From "Fresh'n'Juicy") - 8/23/03

Punk Uke with Uke til you puke

"Rhinestone Cowboy" Contrabass Giant Balalaika - 11/25/03

Rock that Uke and Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum (From J-Walk)

Saro & Luca Di Bartolo Photographs Violins

Star Guitar Collections - 10/18/03

String quartet by B. Kliban

String Station, one of many Oddmusic Musical Instrument Gallery

The Enchanted World of Petty Booka

guitarcharmThe Knutsen family (?)

The Lap Steel Guitar is held in your lap facing toward you. The strings are raised above the fretboard; rather than pressing them to the fretboard, a steel bar is pressed against the strings.

The Ultimate Plectrum Banjo Player's Guide

Tim Hunkin’s “The Rudiments of Guitars, 6 stringed instruments with a sound box, for plucking or strumming

Violinist Discussion boards

World's Largest Guitar Store

Many Odd Links of Unusual String Instruments and other Strange Musical Links Here

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