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January 31, 2004

Here is the 2003 "Grow-a-Brain" Eclectic automobile collection

cars.gif1st Official Sauna-SAAB test

2004 new Ferrari 2+2 - The early sketches (From Attu) - 7/13/03

3-Wheelers (From The Cartoonist)

449 Station Wagons

5 Million dollar car - 10/23/03

Alfa Romeo Logo through the years

Apollo 15 Lunar Rover. (From Gravity Lens) - 8/3/03

A really, really large machine - 8/23/03

A Suzuki sinking in a puddle of water

Bumper Nuts

Buttons of Cars

Cadillacs of the Rich and Famous (From Ultimate Insult)

Camera Van - 10/27/03

Carfree Cities

Car Living, staying in a vehicle for a night or even longer.

Car Parts - 9/19/03

Collection of Oldsmobile ads, 1946 to 1959

Commuter cars - 1 passenger - 12/21/03

Copcar of the Month (From William Bader)

Crazy Jet-Powered Vehicles - 8/6/03

Creative & crazy marketing of Family Auto Mart in Orlando, FL (From Presurfer)

Does anybody know how to clean up paints on cloth, leather, carpet, plastic, vinyl, and metal?? (From Bifurcated Rivets) - 11/29/03

Didn't Sell for $1,000,000! 1963 Lincoln : Continental, the vehicle that JFK used on the morning of November 22, 1963 - 12/3/03

Egg-Shaped Automobiles (From "Sharpeworld")

Every known surviving steam locomotive in the U.S. (From "Daily Jive")

Forgotten subway cars

Free Cars

Front View of the 1966 Batmobile and Ten short theatrical "screen ads" promoting the 1955 Chevrolet models - 10/3/03

George Barris's gallery of "Kustom Kars" - 12/24/03


Goldfish Mobil, The Creme-egg Mobile and The Redbull Mobile (From "Danelope")

Grand Prix Hall of Fame

H3T Hummer 3 concept car coming to a driveway near you - 12/16/03.

Hummer Shoes - $300 a pair

Heliophile Pi

Hemmings Motor News

Honey, I'm Home - 12/21/03

How Electric Cars Work (From "How stuff Works")

Hummer limos of New York City (From Attu) , Dallas , Oklahoma and Ft. Lauderdale - 7/17/03

Imps - 9/16/03

Introduction to the Tango (From Metafilter) - 7/27/03

Iraqi Freedom Truck (From Cursor)

Is that a wooden Ferrari? Yes, It looks like one. (From "Reality Carnival"). See the rest of photographer Sam Barcroft - he seems to relish oddities - 12/13/03

Japanese bus advertising (From "J-walk") - 8/8/03

Kelley Blue Book

Hundreds of Concept cars and the concept cars from The 2003 Geneva Auto Show

Lamborghini Registry - 9/7/03

Lincoln Zephyr , Willys Jeep and 1956 Karman-Ghia Coupé (From 100 Years of Design) - 9/14/03

Logan's Run Vehicles - 8/4/03

Longest limo in the world (From Attu) - 9/19/03.

Extreme Ford F-350 Limos . Pretty horrible if you ask me.

Luxury Carts - 11/16/03

Molested Cars

Move over Hummer, here comes MaxiMog!

My new Camper

Now you don't have to watch car races any more, just log on to Crashes online - 11/6/03

Old Jaguar brochures (From "Things Magazine" ) - 7/13/03

Old Woodies

Only in Kentucky (From Fazed)

Over 1,500 exotic car wrecks


Peter Car Nut's Oddball Cars and The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

Poway man wins Elvis' car

Presidential Limousines, (From "Information Junk") - 11/8/03

pt-moving-red.gifPteazer - accessories for your PT Cruiser - Amazing! Explore the galleries, f. ex. , the new PTeazer-murals (Ray Newton just returned from the SEMA-car show in Las Vegas, where his new Pteazer Roadster was the hit with the crowd: The first car that offered 3 exchangable versions of a convertible, roadster & a retro-pick-up - 11/10/03)

Red Baron MBZ 600 Classic 1972 Limousine , your opportunity to own a famous legend (From A Criminal Waste of Space) - 10/27/03

Rolling Homes (From Gordon Coales)

Rowing Bikes

RV-MLS: RV-sales - Buy or sell RV's anywhere in the country

The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir - 12/13/03

Security Vehicles and Armoured Limousines

Small-runs: The Bugatti Veyron , The 2003 Ferrari Enzo , Lamborghini and The De Tomaso


Smile-Mile Chevrolet Promotional Record - 9/20/03

Sounds of race cars & dragsters from AutoSpeak

Strange Car Zone

Super Beetle - 1/16/04

Suzuki Mobile terrace concept car and the Toyota "Personal Mobility" car from the "2003 Tokyo Motor Show" - 11/4/03

Ten reasons why a hearse is more practical than an SUV - 10/18/03

Terra Wind, the world's first luxury Amphibious Motor Coach / Yacht.

The Air car

The AMC Pacer car

The Frank Rizzo Method of New Car Buying

The History of Iso Rivolta

The Honda Accord "Cog" ad and how it was filmed

The Hummer Driving Academy

The Magic Roundabout in Swindon (From Traveler Diagram)

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles

The Sultan of Brunei's car collection, over 5,000 cars strong

There are Car clubs of any concievable model, from Rolls-Royce Owners' Club to 1958 Cadillac Owners Association and everything in between - 10/18/03

There Is A Strange Noise In My Engine... - 9/19/03

The strangest cars on the road - Artcars (at BurningMan) , and the "Mirabilis Statuarius Vehiculum" Art car

Thousands of brand-new cars, slightly damaged (From Kristof Willen) - 8/9/03

The Terex Titan - The world's largest tandem axle truck (from Vicente Aceituno)

Top 10 Car Dealer Scams Of 2002 (From J-Walk)

Truck Racing (From Chris Hodge)

Ugliest Corvette - 8/6/03

ugliUgliest Limo in the World - the KAZ - Keio Advanced Zero-Emission Vehicle. A hybrid mutant child of a ballistic missle and a bus, it is a fully electric passenger vehicle able to reach a maximum top speed of 300kph - 12/30/03

Ultimate guy and chick cars

Unusual LandRovers , (From Things Magazine) - 8/24/03

Urban Camouflage: "My Jeep is camouflaged to look like a commercial fleet vehicle".... - 10/7/03

"The Vespa Story" and Vespa Ape

VW Commercials and the new VW Phaeton

Would you pay $250,000 as membership fees and $1,800 monthly dues, in order to drive & exchange any number of very exotic cars? Then you may join the Exotic Car Country Club - 9/27/03

More Unusual Car Links here

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