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January 31, 2004

The 2003 Famous Clocks & Watches Collection

Hurry_time 24-hour clock

3-D clock

A clock of all Time

Alarm clocks for the deaf

Andre-michelle's Cable clock

Andy Plant Newport Clock - 12/27/03

Bar Code Clock by Scott Blake

Barry S. Goldberg's Pocket Watch Collection

Binary Clock

Boston Clear Sky Clock (From "greengrl") and same for Anaheim, Corona and Fountain Valley, CA

Britannica: From Sundials to the Atomic Second

Build a Nixie Tube Digital Clock - 9/19/03

Catapult Watch

Chrono-lisa Clock and Another Binary Clock from Salem, Oregon Citala Clocks at "Time Twist" - 1/7/04

Clock and Watch Museums

Clock Portraits by Glenn Shadix (Etho in "Beetlejuice") - 12/13/03

Crazy clock

Cuckoo clock - 8/24/03

Creaters of unique clocks: Marcel Betrisey and Roger Wood

Dali Clock

Dancing Girl clock

Dali Clock

Digital Sundial - 8/8/03

Doomsday Clocks

Drum Set Alarm Clock (From Information Junk) - 1/19/04

Erisian Klock Measure

Excel Function Wall Clock plus dozens of Wallpaper Clocks. (Both from "J-Walk") - 12/1/03

Food clock found at the Florida Restaurant Show - 1/19/04

From KnitWitology: Extend Your Lunch Hour with Lunch Clock , A Clock with Chemical Elements - Chem Clock, and VCR Clock - 1/16/04

From "LordCo" - Screaming Jesus Clock - 1/25/04

GeekKlok and Farting clock (From Mike "Atmosman" Murray, an Atmos Clock and an 400-day Clock overhaul Instructor)

Girard-Perregaux (From "Mechanical Magic")

'Global Bilal' - Islamic Salat clock, never be late for your prayer

Hex Clock - 12/2/03

Hifi John's designs (Tripod!) - 1/18/04

How The Fantazein Clock works - 9/23/03

Jim Bordon's Wooden clock

Larry Fransen's Bicycle Clock "Suspended Time"! - 1/18/04

LED watches of the 1970's. (From "The Cartoonist". Also, LED Binary Clock - 10/7/03)

Life Expectancy Watch from "Totally Absurd Inventions" - 10/28/03

Macsbug Clock, the original, and how to code one

Marko Nippula's web clock (slow to load, but an interesting concept)

Mayan Calendar Tools - 8/25/03

Metric Time

Mohamed Qasem's Procrastinator's Watch - I finally got around to posting it... - 12/9/03

Naked Watch Company

Nice scrolling Clock

Norm's Clock

Omega Center Tourbillon

Orbichronic - 9/23/03

"Paniki", "Clockwork Orange" and other unusual Stallinga clocks, (From Steve Garfield's "Off on a Tangent") - 9/23/03

Reverse Watches, a Physio-Psychological De-Aging Device

Roman Numeral Clock

Star Clock (From The Ultimate Page of Internet Clocks, Counters, and Countdowns)

Sundials on the Internet - 12/15/03

Talking Clocks - 8/26/03

The Congreve Rolling Ball Clock and The Online Compendium of Rolling Ball Sculptures, Clocks, Etc.

The Engle Monumental Clock from "NAWCC"

The Human Clock

The Long Now Foundation, building the 10,000 year clock

The Sundial in the beautiful Danish Egeskov Castle (Click on # 25, explore the rest of the site). Found at The North American Sundials Society website - 1/19/04

Time Gallery from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago


"Timex" Museum

Tim Osborn's Sun clock

"Trip the light fantastic" with the Pimp Watch - 10/31/03

Unique Wall Clocks from "Aggressive by Nature"

Blinking US Census population clock and World Population Clock (also New Zealand Population)

U. S. National Debt Clock

U.S. Naval Observatory

Waltham Masonic Wrist Watch (From Boing Boing) - 9/27/03

"WatchUseek", the number 1 Portal to World Wide Watches - 1/19/04

Water Clock - The Gitton Time-Flow Clock in Indianapolis - 7/18/03

Vintage Watches (From "Watch it")

"What Time Is It?" You Mean Now? : Advice for Life from Yogi Berra

Will Jackson 3D clocks - 12/27/03

Yugo Nakamura's Industrial clock

Wayne Beardsley's JavaScript Clock

Z Block Clock

Zoomable Date/Time Line

A Huge Depository of Unusual Clocks and Watches Here

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Where do you dind the time to collect all these links?

Posted by: Shadow at Mar 19, 2004 1:40:59 AM

yes, it's been getting a little out of hand recently....

Posted by: Hanan at Mar 19, 2004 10:38:17 AM

The original collection was put on line in the middle of 2003. Many links were added later. Why do you ask?

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