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January 31, 2004

Here are the Eclectic Candy Art Links from 1/11/04

AmezaikuAmezaiku is a Japanese art of candy art making. Here is an amezaiku Artist Entertaining kids

Be sure to check out the galleries of these Sugar Cube Sculptures at "Home Sweet Home" and the 2003 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. (From MonkeyFilter) - 1/7/04

Instructions in Confectionery

Mexican Day-of-the-Dead-Sugar-Skulls (From Muxway) - 8/23/03 (And Mexican Candy - 11/2/03)

Mike's Amazing Cakes

Philippe Parc, French instructor in pastry making

Wagashi Confectionery art

Spun Sugar Creations

Tracee Vandenborn's Gallery

Wedding Cakes by Mag-pie in Knoxville, TN

Pink Cupcakes

More unique links about Candy Art And Other Unusual Sweets Here

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One of the top Amezaiku artists in Japan.

Posted by: Takahiro Mizuki at Mar 24, 2004 10:17:40 AM


Posted by: k at Oct 10, 2005 12:42:24 PM