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January 31, 2004

Here are Some Blogs in & around Orange County, California

Orange_county"About a Boy" - Dan in Fullerton - 10/26/03

"A Criminal Waste of Space" by Justice William W. Bedsworth - (Also, many great links, mostly legal) - 10/26/03

"Ahora que"

"Airbag" by Greg Storey in Tustin

Another Round with Dan Taylor

"Bag & Baggage" by Denise Howell

"Brian Enigma" in Costa Mesa - 11/6/03

"Blogitorial" in Fullerton - 12/25/03

"Brianstorms", "Nettle" and "Fotolog" from Brian Dear in La Jolla

"CalPundit" (Now at "Washington Monthly")

"China, California, Books" Micah Sitting from Fullerton (Moved to Michigan)

Chris Regan's "Mercury State" - 10/13/03

"Cycling Dude" and "Sneakeasy's Joint", both by Kiril Kundurazieff

"Cyranosaurus Rex" - 12/25/03

"Demi Adventures" , a UC Irvine Student - 9/28/03

"Fatfree Milk" Gordo Gratis Leche by Kevynn Malone - 10/26/03

"Foxx on the Run", Steve Foxx from Anaheim - 10/26/03

"Friday Fishwrap", MJ from Palm Springs

"Gomi No Sensei", Jason Cosper from La Mirada - 8/15/03

"Goodman Life", a photo blog from Irvine - 12/25/03

Grant Henninger from Fullerton - 12/25/03

Great glass elevator

"Innocent Bystander" from Alhambra

"Insignifica" - Michael Doss from progressive Fountain Valley

"Happy Software Prole" Irish traveler Justin Masson in Irvine- 11/6/03

"Jimlog 2.0" - It's Not Human. It's Jim Gilliam. From Newport Beach - 7/13/03

"Kneeding" - 9/29/03

K-Squared Ramblings by Kelson Vibber and Katherine Foreman

"Liberals Are Really Swell" - 10/13/03

"Memoirs of Samurai Barber"

"Mind on Fire" , John in Irvine - 10/26/03

"Mosaic Life" by Brandon & Wendy Wason in Yorba Linda

"Pax Nortona" and the new "Writing in Orange" by Joel Sax in Trabuco Canyon

"Priorities & Frivolities" by Robert in West LA, another "MSNBC Best of the Blogs" pick from 6/20/03

"Purgatory" By Katrina from Irvine

"Reflecting", a nice Mom-blog, By Andrea from Laguna Hills - 7/13/03

"Sashimi Girl" - 9/29/03

"Sciatica" - Screaming all the way... From Irvine

"Secret Agent Josephine" - 10/26/03

So-Cal Law Blog - 8/10/03

"Tabasco Guy" in Irvine

"Tangles 2", a knitting blog by Karen Stewart - 10/13/03

"The Blob", by Brian Teeter - 10/13/03

"The Inland Anti-Empire" (Progressive News and Views) and "Shock & Awe" by Kynn Bartlett in Fullerton

The Pumpkin Project is the "communication center for the giant pumpkin community in Southern California"... It is written by Stuart B. Shim, a financial consultant with Smith Barney, in Irvine - 9/28/03

The Trevor Spot - 12/25/03

"Walter's Weblog" from Irvine - 7/16/03

Got an Orange County Blog? Please submit it here!

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People from OC with online journals, feel free to join the diaries webring. Click the link.

Posted by: OC DIARIES at Apr 25, 2004 9:53:38 PM

this is our oc blog.


Posted by: david at Jun 2, 2005 7:13:25 PM


Please add my blog (http://atharkhan.blogspot.com) to your listings.

Thank you.


Posted by: Athar Khan at Jun 29, 2005 10:37:14 PM

Orange County's Original News Fabricator


We're not really a blog per se, but I could include some pictures of my cat if that would help.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

Posted by: Pete Fundy at Mar 31, 2006 2:27:56 PM

I have an Orange County Blog; with posts like, "Dear OC Post" and "The (more) Real Housewives of Orange County."


Posted by: Suzanne at Oct 20, 2007 9:35:27 AM

Whooooaaa this is an old list! But I would love to be included! (I have a comprihensive list of some OC blogs if you are interested in using-just let me know)

My blog:

The Glamorous Life Association

Featuring really really bad album covers, anything vintage I can make fun of...and lots of OC photos. COme on by...I make a mean cup of coffee. Just step over the legos and laundry on your way in.

Posted by: The Glamorous Life Association at May 11, 2009 6:08:07 PM