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January 31, 2004

The Original “Grow-a-Brain Things to do before you die” List

bin_ladin_bush The Travel Evant that started it all - by Neil Teplica and Dave Freeman

100 + great things to do in San Francisco , in New Orleans, in Victoria, BC and in Charlotte, NC

100 Demented things (from “Demented Effect”)

100 Exotic Vacations

101 Things to Do With a Person With Alzheimer's Disease

35 Things not to do on a Unicycle

52 Projects

Aziz's 100 things list: 1. Reach the age of 100 - 12/14/03

BBC's 50 Places To See Before You Die

Bill Gates's "11 Things Not Taught in School" list - 8/10/03

Brian Lee Curls's "100 Things" list

Canadian Outdoor Magazine list - 1/16/04

Cecil Rhodes's "10 Things" list - 7/26/03

"Cheesepuppet"s "100 Things" list - 10/31/03

Chris Bowler's "100 Things" list

Dan McCarthy's "100 Things" list

"DiscoverFun"s 500 fun things list

Don of "Plastic Fruit" list - 1/8/04

"Free Moby" list - 1/8/04

Ghosty of "Piscean Waters" list - 1/8/04

Kelly Sue DeConnick's 2003 Uber-List - 1/5/04

Laurie Moody's "100 Things" list

Mat Wood's "100 Things" list - 8/2/03

Keep_rightMaxim's "100 Things to do" list

"My 50 list" will help you do it - 1/16/04

Nicole R. Murphy's "100 Things" list

Rob Pruitt's 101 art ideas you can do yourself - 10/21/03

Short Version for the less ambitious (only 10) and a very extended Version for the over-achiever (2,001) - 10/31/03

Ubersite imaginative list . No.5: Burst into a massage parlor with a toy gun and a fake badge shouting "FBI! Everybody outside now!" Start snapping photographs of people who come out. Offer to sell the camera to anyone who has $1000 cash on them - 1/8/04

"100 Things" short story written by a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" fan - 10/31/03

Top 30 Highs of Life

Our Complete List of Things To Do Before You Die Here

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I recently blogged about my Be/Do/Have List for my lifetime. I suspect I will add more items as they occur to me.


Posted by: Frances Flynn Thorsen at Feb 10, 2008 6:57:15 PM