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January 31, 2004

Here is the 2003 list of “Tenacious D” Links

Tenacious_d_12 Jack Black Soundboards from "E-baumsworld" - "Dude Listen!"

"Chud" Interview with Jack Black - 10/18/03

Clockwork Orange County

Do her Gently (Warning: Parental Advisory / Explicit Lyrics)

Dorito Burrito (From "Cooking with Rockstars" )

Fame Audit for Jack Black (11/12/2001)

From The Makeup Gallery, Gwyneth Paltrow in "Shallow Hal"

Guitar Tabs for Tenacious D Songs

HBO Show (From the comprehensive "Tenacious Joe" )

Hot or Not (From "Tenacious D Time" )

How Jack Black Restored My Faith in Rock and Roll: The School of Rock

IMDb for Jack Black

Jack Black and Kyle Gass "will starve for rock" (at least for 12-13 hours, or until there is peace in Middle East, whichever comes first) - 11/5/03

"Kielbasa" Lyrics (Language!)

Kyle Gass look-a-like contest

Lord of the Piercing

Message Boards, "A Special Thing" - 1/16/04

Put words into KG's mouth

Tenacious_kyleRare commercial for the CD!

Salon Column - I have seen the future: It's Tenacious D , April 27, 2000

Stills from "Enemy of the State"

"School of Rock", the Trailer , the website (9/19/03) , the reviews and the new Steve Garfield's SOR-Blog -(9/28/03)

"Tenacious D" Official website (Language!)

"The Believer" Interview with Jack Black - 1/3/04

Tony Robbins

Transworld Stance Interview , September 27, 2001

More Unusual Tenacious D’s Links Here

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