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January 31, 2004

Here are the 2003 “Grow-a-Brain” Games & Toys Links

pin00.gif 10,000 toys and games at The Henry Ford museum that are dating from the early 1800s to the present - 11/1/03

19 artists create russian nesting dolls. (Click on "Archives" .From "Metafilter") - 9/9/03

1-D Tetris - Easy! - 11/28/03

2003 "10 Worst Toys" List - 11/21/03

3 Shells

454 rubber duckies (and more ducks - 10/17/03)

Amazing mindreader

Amazing Optical Toys from the 19th century (pdf) - 12/1/03

Anthony Thyssen's Unique kites - 8/26/03

At Jordan C.' Bar-Mitzva 2 weeks ago, we saw the Airzookas in action for the first time.

Backgammon Galore

Barbie Vintage Collectibles (From "Collecting Barbies") - 12/2/03

Best paper airplane and Paper Airplane Flight Simulator

Bryan Berg builds tall Houses made out of Cards . Some of them are REALLY high - 11/10/03

Catapult Video from Arthur Ganson - 12/27/03

Catch Mosquitos

"Celebrating the beauty of roller coaster and amusement rides..." "Joyrides" - 7/30/03

Chess graphics and Chess for 4

Crayola Chronology - 10/15/03

civ3_tank_attack.gifFable game promo for the Xbox

Flying Circus Freaks (From "Friday Fishwrap") - 7/31/03

Flying Pig, The Impatient Outpatient and other animated models (From "The Cartoonist")

Fractal Tic Tac Toe and Alien Tiles (Both from "The Pickover Report")

Gayopoly: Instead of Prison - "You actually found a Spot!" - 11/28/03

"Get on Board" - PS2 Commercial (Quicktime file). Review here - 11/27/03

"Ghettopoly" - Buying stolen properties... and String Figures (Both from "Bifurcated Rivets")

Greatest online games

Hi-Tech "Concentration" (from "Ze Frank")

Hoberman Spheres

"Hopeless" , a stupid & addictive game, (From "Matt Kruse") - 10/14/03

How good a Manager are you

How to Do Cat's Cradle - 12/13/03

Innovative & intuitive: 20 Questions (from "Incoming Signals")

Internet Scrabble Club is the best place to play live online scrabble. Here are 2 Scrabble sites: The complete Two-Letter Word List and 'Q' without 'U' words - 12/4/03

Jennifer Baybrook, 1998 world Yo-Yo Champion and Yo-Yo Tricks - 7/27/03

Jerry Falwell Pac-Man - 12/30/03

Jesus the Hot Air Balloon (From "Anusfilter") - 10/7/03

Keeping Ken - The man behind the doll - 10/31/03


Kingsleys Schnitzel & Alehouse, Deliver 20 kegs to the address below. Be careful - 11/6/03

Lapoo Games

Las Vegas - 11/16/03

Largest Flash Game Collection! (From "A Welsh View") - 8/27/03

Largest non-round balloon sculpture in the world (From "Attu") - 10/14/03

Lego Music Video - Amazing rendition of "Fell In Love With A Girl". Lego Art of Nathan Sawaya: Winter Night Scene , Han Solo in Carbonite and "Hand" . Much more -12/29/03

Legos-2: Everything "Lego" . For Example: Unusual "Lego" sculptures , Lego Bible , J Brown seious Lego constructions and Eric Harshbarger's sculptures

"Life in Britannia - The Unreal Estate Boom" - 10/8/03

Magic - 10/18/03

Mah Jong Museum - 10/26/03

Marbles galore and Matthias's Marble Machines. (Also, Marble Mansion, from "Coolio" - 10/7/03, and National Marble Museum)

Monopoly original cards - 10/20/03

New Games: Lego-like Oliblocks , and "Build you own Geodazzlers" - 11/8/03

Nice music for Trail Blazer by "Innovedia"

Orange-Gray. Thank you, Philip-D-L - 8/25/03

Orisinal sweet games

Paper toys

Pepsi Pinball - 7/12/03

Play "Battleships" or 3D Tetris

Play "MASH" (From "Memepool")

Puzzles: Hard Squares and Grey Labyrinth

Quad Games

Rapid Motion Pinball - 10/19/03

Razanne, The Muslim doll - 10/8/03

Rockem Sockem Rabbis

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" - 1 , 2 ("Flash" version) and 3

Rubik's Cube

Science Toys (From "Apothecary's Drawer")

`Scrabble' in Tamil (From "Incoming Signals") and All 96 Two-letter Words With Definitions in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary - 7/12/03

Pholph's Scrabble Score Generator v1.0 - 1/14/04

"September 12" & The War on Terror - dropping bombs on Civilians (From "Game Girl Advance") - 10/11/03

Shark Game - 9/6/03

Soda Straw Tensegrity Structures and Soda Tensegrity Model Making - 9/6/03

Space Dudes

Space Toys of the late 60's (From "Muxway") - 9/22/03

Special Shape Balloons

Soda Constructor

Tardis Tennis

The Art of Domino

The Bob Lancaster Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards

The Flying cow

The Internet Pinball Database

The Krim Collection of Antique games

The Little Ninja, (From "Irrational Noise") - 9/27/03

The Paint Game (From "I am Cal")

'The player who moves without a motive is an accident going somewhere to happen.' From Chess and Checkers Words of Wisdom - 12/19/03

The Room of Doom , Obsessive-compulsive collection, (From "Muxway") - 8/24/03

The Tao of Tetris (From "The Tetris Taxonomy")

The World Database of Happiness and "Trikke" (Both from "Deep Fun")

Toys of the Eighties (From "Metafilter")

Toy Paintings by Cesar Santander - 9/7/03

Traditional Pub Games - 12/19/03

Virtual Bowling

Virtual Olympic Sports

Virtual SpiroGraph

Welcome to the world of Tim Burton and his Tragic Toys for Girls & Boys line (From "Goatee Style") - 12/14//03

Roswell.gifWham-o Product Line

Who invented Monopoly®? (From "The Cartoonist")

What are the Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly® , for example, Expected income per roll for each property, Mortgage payback and loss times, etc. Just like real investments...

World's longest Slinky (From "Larkfarm 2")

Wooden Toys - 12/13/03

Ze Wall , virtual spray painting (From "Fish Bucket") - 9/27/03

Many More Unusual Games & Toys Links here.

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