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January 31, 2004

Here are the 2003 “Grow-a-Brain” Funny links.

funn.gif1,226 Bad things that can happen to you

13 Reasons why you are not my Boyfriend - No. 1: You wear Hawaiian shirts without irony, but do not live in Hawaii... - 12/24/03

25 Funniest video clips

Absolute Bottom 50 "Next Big Things" from ”Chickenhead”

Advice to the Ladies

Application for Permission to Date my Daughter - 11/24/03

April Winchell: This Week in Entertainment

Baby Early Warning Signs

Bar Mitzvah Disco (From "Linkswarm") - 7/18/03

Bruce Sherin's brand new Weblog makes me laugh, including "The Flintsteins" which is a lot like The Flintstones but Jewish - 12/21/03

Cannibalism and Your Teen : Barry Becker warns his son about the dangers of cannibalism, after hearing about two teenagers eating each other... (From "Milk and Cookies") - 11/14/03

Change of Name

Christian pickup lines - 9/19/03

Coffee Table Books of the Damned . Extremely Funny, especially: "Beautiful Women of the Taliban", Visions (The photography of Ray Charles), "I shot the Missus", Baby Storage, "Yosemite - Angry Drunken Midget", A spoonful of Puppy, The greatest colonoscopies of Denmark, "100 easy ways to Date Rape", much more. (From "J-Walk") - 12/17/03

Corporate Anthems

Cow Songs: "I'm A Cow" , "No Milk Today" and "Cows with Guns"


Don't mess with my Disgruntled Shirt - 12/11/03

funny.jpgDo the French have a sense of Humor? - 12/22/03

Edible Lunch quicktime movie. (From "Linkdump") - 11/29/03

Exeter Whimsical road signs (from "Fiendish" )

Farm Sluts (QuickTime required)

Farting Preacher. Buy the Farting Preacher tape - 9/20/03

Found on a barrel - TOXIC WASTE -- DO NOT EAT - 1/10/04

Frighten Toad (From Geisha asobi blog)

(From yesterday's Onion:) Al Kozlewski Pulls A Kozlewski

CUDAHY, WI—Assembled after work at Gil's Tavern, friends of Al Kozlewski agreed Tuesday that the 39-year-old steamfitter had pulled yet another Kozlewski. "Al came in and did that thing he always does," coworker Danny Fassle said. "He sat down at the table, drank two beers from a pitcher that someone else bought, and then suddenly decided that he had to get right home. A classic Kozlewski." When informed of the charges, Kozlewski said that if Fassle has a problem, he should "stop being such a Palaczyk and say it to my face." - 11/12/03

Hillbilly Bubble Bath

History of the world in 10 seconds - 8/24/03

How to Cook the perfect grilled cheese sandwich story. From the eclectic "Discordian Research Technology News" , (Death to all fanatics...)

Interview with Mrs Allbutt (From "Blort") - 10/5/03

Italy Vs. Europe , and you could say the same about so many other countries - 7/13/03

Lacking fins or tail
the gefilte fish swims with
great difficulty -
Jewish mothers' haiku. Thank you, Howard L.

Jim Anchower, the complete archives - 7/27/03

Jokes - 8/2/03

Like-new inline skates for sale - 8/6/03

McSweeney's lists (and an article from New York Magazine about Dave Eggers)

Monopoly Cards We'd Like To See (From "Bored at Work" )

National Do Not Spam Registry from "The Specious Report" - 7/27/03

Naughty Bunny: We saved a bunny from a car park last week.
We shouldn't have bothered.
We don't have the bunny any more

The New Year's Resolutions of Rick Bruner:
Gain weight
Resume smoking
Drink more
Start beating wife - 1/7/04

Obligatory Ze Frank Link: "Blow Face" - 1/12/04

"Our long nightmare of peace & prosperity is finally over" - The onion 1/18/00

Physics 101: Useful conversions

Questions about South Africa that were posted on a South African Tourism Website. Thank you, Howard L.

Romanian Mint Rubbing Association

Satire Search

"Scary Signs" contest from "Worth 1000"

Sign of the Apocalypse #238 (From "Tiny Pineapple" )

Spam can be useful (From "Reality Carnival" )

Steve Harvey's "Big time" - 1/11/04

Strindberg & Helium

Terrorists in my Kitchen (From "Small Victory"). I want my dish towel back - 8/3/03

The Bad Fads Museum

"The Big Book of Sign Language": How to say Whoop-Dee-Doo I'm Pragnant, (From Ernie's) - 11/6/03

The Laughter Club International: World Peace Thru Laughter

truckers_unhinged.gifThings people said

Today's potshot

URAPUTZ and other complains about vanity license plates

Volare-Karaoke from "Gypsy Kings"

Wedding Vows - 10/5/03

Why Rabbits Eat Wolves (From "S. Krause" )

WMD's Concentration game - 7/14/03

World's Most Dangerous Creature - 10/22/03

"You don't know Schitt"

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