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January 31, 2004

Here are our 2003 Eclectic Animal links
(Dogs & Cats Links Below)

Put_a_tiger 49 feet snake, 'World's longest snake' captured - 12/30/03

Alligator Borders Postcards at the turn of the Century - (From "Plep") - 10/11/03

American Humane Images Contest Winners 2002

Amphibian biology and conservation

Animals at War - (From "Quasimeta" )

Animal Congregations, or What Do You Call a Group Of.....?

Animal Sounds


Ants - The World Ants Slide Show

Apple snails (From Nils Sager's "Kosmonautentraum") - 12/11/03

Art Nouveau Snakes

Baby Camels (And Wild Herds of Camels in Texas? - 11/29/03)

Baby Hedgehog - 10/14/03

Bats and Bat Guano - 9/27/03

Bear Cam

Bug of the Month

Bugs , Beetles , Butterflies and the Insect Company

Bunny Love (turn up your speakers) - 7/31/03

Cockerel, monkey, goat & donkey pyramid

Colossal squid surfaces in Antarctic

Cows on Parade Art Exhibit Gallery

Cheetah is 67 yr. old

Currently I am working with images of frogs in needlepoint . Also, Frog Nirvana - 9/21/03

Darwin fish evolves - 7/30/03

Disgusting Hagfish - (From "Vignamaru")

Dwarf chameleons born in UK (Music warning!)

Fish Posters of the World

Giant Catfish is nearly Extinct (Here are 992 species of catfish - 9/28/03)

Goat Rider - (From "Blort") and Test Your Knowledge of Goat Anatomy - 8/25/03. The Goat Tower and Cult of the Goat - Bock Beer label & a homonym gone awry ... 11/24/03

Hear Whales Sing

Horse Balls and Horse Diapers - 9/27/03

How about Live Monarch Butterflies to be released at special occasions? Wedding Special $84 per dozen.. - 12/14/03

How Ants Find Food - 12/20/03

Hubcaps Fish

Snow_monkey_1 Human Descent (From "Fish Bucket" - 9/27/03)

I'm sure you always wanted to hear The sound of a herring fart. Here's your chance - Fish farting may not just be hot air - 11/6/03

In Search of "No-Hand" - 10/25/03

Japanese Insects - 1/15/04

Jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Koko - The Gorilla Foundation

Kanzi (From "Ape Biographies") - 7/30/03

Komodo Dragon Photo Gallery

Leeches USA - 7/12/03

Leon, the domesticated lion - 12/21/03

Lion Hyena War (Graphic meat eating media-clip. From "Flabber") - 11/30/03

Mechanical Grasshopper - 1/19/04

Monkey postcards (From "Ober Dicta") and Little Red Monkey - 8/16/03

Most Impressive Maggot Pics - 8/17/03

Newly-discovered Cuban mammal, Porcupine of the Damned (From "Reenhead") - 9/27/03

Octofungi -An intelligent sculpture

Octopus Fishing in Tokelau

One Thousand Cranes

Pet Portraits - 9/27/03

Pale Male, a beautiful red-tailed hawk in the heart of New York City, (From "Mookie") - 7/17/03

Penguins (And Penguin Sweaters - 11/23/03)

Photographs of Scorpions - 8/16/03

Pig Gig (From "Geisha Asobi") - 8/25/03

Polar Bear International and Purple Bear

Rainbow Snail (From "Reality Carnival") - 8/15/03

Randall's Diving Pigs, a pig show from Arkansas. (From "Attu") - 12/13/03

Salamander Feeding Movies

Cute_kitten_1 Sand Shrimps

Seal . (From "Larry Hammer") - 7/13/03

Slugs , Albino Snakes and Leopard Slug Aerial mating

"Snakes", a short, animated film based on a woodcut by M.C. Escher, with music by Eric Satie. (From "Coolio") - 1/18/04

Spiders: Neon spider webs, color-coded graphics showing the path of the spider during the construction of a web (From "Jerry Kindall")

Huge Spider webs - Watch the gallery! (and Spider Catcher - 9/27/03)

Sunfish, the strangest fish in the ocean

Tasmanian Giant Freshwater Lobster (From "Surreal Coconut") - 10/7/03

The All Species Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the complete inventory of all species of life on Earth within the next 25 years

The Visible Cow - 9/27/03

Tiny Humming Bird Nest (From "BoingBoing") – Cute but slow to load - 8/20/03

Turtle Trax

Urban's Ferrets

Virtual Camel Riding - 9/5/03. "Stuffed Camel" recipe (From "J-Walk" - 1/19/04)

Virtual Pet Cemetery

Whale Flatulence Captured in Photo- 8/15/03

What are Cow Magnets ? Cow magnets are popular with dairy farmers and veterinarians to help prevent Hardware Disease in their cattle... (From "Torrez") - 11/18/03

What is a Cockroach? - 9/20/03

What the heck is it (From "Geisha Asobi") - 8/23/03

Worlds Largest Rattlesnake Round Up (from "The Morning News")

Mad_cowWorm Farm

Zenkey , Half Zebra Half Donkey - 9/19/03

And here are the 2003 “Grow-a-Brain” Cat Links.

200 Kittens

Bukey, the Krispy Kreme Donut Eating funny, crazy, picky cat: "Each time I open up the box she walks over to it and digs in and gets herself a donut" - 1/13/04

Cartoons for Buddhists from "Dharma The Cat"

Cat art parody

Cat in a basket (From "Kuulnyuuz") - 9/27/03, and in the hat

Cat Juggling - 9/03/03

CatSeat and Its Usage

Catwoman Picture Gallery

Computer monitor perch for your cats to view (From ”Dancing with cats”)

Don't let this happen to your cat - Stop the danger. Close the seat! Btw, "This page is memory of Minki. We miss you" is the funny part - 10/29/03

”Free Cat” - 9/12/03

Funny Cats (from "Milk & Cookies")

Music for cats & friends and Sound effects for your cat

Own a Bobcat, Bring the wild inside

Petoffice Cats - 12/14/03 (Thank you, "eTe!" )

Cat_carry_1 Random Kittens generator , Rate My Kitten Top Twenty , Russian Cats and Cat of the Day

Welcome to the Cat House , The Exotic Feline Breeding Compound's in Rosamond, California

What goes on in a Cats head? - 1/21/04

Why Cats Paint (With Video clips) - 11/2/03

Why does my cat do this?

Vegan Cats - 1/14/04

Ze Frank cat Annie

Ziggy, the Interactive Cat (From "Mirabilis") - 8/17/03

And here are the 2003 “Grow-a-Brain” Dog Links

101 results for David Letterman's Top Ten Lists about Dogs - 9/27/03

150 Recognized breeds by the American Kennel Club

20 reasons dogs don't use computers

206 breeds of dogs in a shell

5 Types of Dog in Chinese Astrology

7 Best Sleep Positions for dogs & cats (From Dina R.)

Boots for dogs

Bottled Water for dogs, Toilet Water, Puddle Water, Hose Water and Gutter Water, the world’s first vitamin fortified bottled water specifically formulated
for your dog...

Bowlingual, the dog translator - 11/1/03

Britain's smallest pup and Del Mar's ugliest dog

Canaan dogs of the Bedouin

Canine Cousine, a dog bakery - 8/10/03

Cutest ...Puppy ...in ...Town... (From "Sore Eyes")

"Goggles" - Sunglasses for Dogs (From "Yahoo Most Emailed Photos") - 8/25/03

Dog Island is apparantly a hoax

Dog Motels in New Zealand

Dog Nose Heaven and Giant Nostrils

Dogs and cats forever

Drinking_dog Dogster , where every dog has a webpage

Dr. Tom Cat’s Famous Dog Quotes, and other Memorable Dog Quotes -"Of all the things I miss from veterinary practice, puppy breath is one of the most fond memories!" - 9/21/03

English Bulldogs - 8/6/03

Excerpt from 'The New Work of Dogs' By Jon Katz - 10/21/03

Exploding dogs

Famous People's Dogs

Fancy Dogwear

Humping Dog Toy - 10/9/03

If Christ had a dog (from "Dogs on the Web")

"I was sitting out on the porch with my dog Pete", and "Pick up lines that went unnboticed" - 1/10/04

Kasha Lowy's Bark Mitzvah (Warning: "Hava Nagila" in background!) and Milo's Tongue (From "Presurfer")

Knitting with Dog Hair

Kosher Food for Dogs - 9/27/03

Moennitarri Warrior in the Costume of the Dog Dance

Morning Breath

Movies about Dogs including "Best in Show" (and my favorite "My life as a Dog" )

Musical Dog Sport Association (Basicly, dancing dogs)...

New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society (From "Coolio") - 11/4/03

Perfumes for your dog -10/14/03

Poison-free Homes - 7/16/03

Poker Night - 7/16/03

Our_neigbor Our neighbor is looking for a good home for their dog. He said it's really lovable and friendly with the kids, but his wife said the dog makes her nervous when it stares at her. She wants it out of the house. If you know of anyone, let me know... - 10/13/03

Scarry dog custume (From "Boing Boing")

Screensavers with dogs

Signs of dogs

Tiny Chihuahuas (From "Everlasting Blort") - 8/20/03

Tiny Dogs Clothing and Doggy Fashion with an English Accent - 9/27/03

Umbrellas for Dogs - 12/28/03

Va-poo-Rize with Jack Black - 7/27/03

Vegan recipes for dogs, includes Hummus, Mushroom Pesto Biscuits & Terrier Tea Cakes (From "Yummy Wakame" - 10/3/03). Also, Vegetarian Dogs.

Thank_you When Should You Put Your Dog Down? How to make a decision you never want to make ... - 11/1/03

Winners of the Dog/Owner Look-alike contest and the losers (on left)...

Wheel Chairs for Dogs - 9/27/03

Where to find Dog-Friendly Employers - 9/20/03

Women And Dogs - 1/5/04

Many More Unusual News about Animals Here

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