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April 02, 2005

People are talking about this “Linkafest Lallapalooza” (*)

Brain_keyhole Here are some recent wonderful write-ups about this blog. Many thanks to everybody who finds time to read & to write:

Your Business Blog Can Be Edgy, Funny, Too by writer & communications consultant Matt Rosenberg

From Gerard Van der Leun’s Blogs of Wonder and Delight: …A vast potpourri of subjects, objects and predicates. Funny, serious, thought-provoking and, at times, jaw-dropping links. All stack up in nice little crispy Napoleons of links…

Grow-a-Brain blogs its way to real estate success By Janis Mara

Ken Leebow at “Blogging about Incredible Blogs”: …One of the best designed blogs that I've seen

Elayne Riggs asks: ”Grow-A-Brain is a treasure; why she's not as popular as BoingBoing is beyond me”. I’m truly flattered (even though I am not a Jewish women blogger)

Real Estate blog done correctly

Carmen’s Room: “One of my FAVORITE blogs

Blogging for real estate

From: Singlenesia - Daily exposure to Grow-a-Brain has caused a cumulative increase of 23cc to my brain mass so far. I think I have to shop around for a new skull soon

…Internet world's most popular real estate blog… From “Survive in 2005”

Live Journal’s Spring Dew: I have totally become addicted to grow-a-brain

“…One of the best researched blogs on the internet” - Always a good word at “The Presurfer”

Elastico - …el absolutamente espléndido Grow a Brain…

My new favorite browsing page - dys•lex•i•a (n.)

From TheREALTYgram Blogger: ”A fun place … with guarantees of cerebral gratification”

From Товарищ Милиписькин ( lestp): grow-a-brain blog - more interesting links per day than you can possibly visit in a week

Grow a brain is a great blog-thingee, from Vireoibis

Many del.icio.us bookmarks. (Even though not as many as the 1142 bookmarks for “How To Cut”)

"A very good aki blog" from "Life in a glass house" (Nice background music)

PCL Linkdump’s Top 5ives 2004

Looking for interesting links? From “The Magic Square”

"The kind of blog I aspire to have one day", from "The Knot"

Highly recommended, by “This is Perfect”

Grow_a_brain_game “Excellent Daily Blog” from ”Sami Is Free”

Craig’s blog - …My favorite time waster blog

Grow a Brain is a good site. From “Why, that's delightful”

”At The Heart of It” …The always awesome growabrain

“Un blog mejor que éste”, from De gira

“Link Monster” by Mike Pope’s blog

(*) “Linkafest Lallapalooza” in this sense was coined by Gerard Van der Leun @ American Digest”. Image above from graphic designer Billy Watts. The first blog linked to the old Grow-a-Brain was on February 22, 2003. Here is the complete list of what people were saying about Grow-a-Brain

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December 24, 2004

Where’s my blog of the year award?

ClappingSome needed feedback -

“Grow-a-Brain is my favorite spot on the Web. I never miss it. You do great work, finding fun, obscure, interesting, unusual things to share with all of us, and your organization is impeccable. Keep it up…” From “Verbatim”

“…Best researched blog on the net, and one of the most original…” From “Gusset”

“…You were saying the other day that your do not hear from all those mystery people that visit your website. Well I am one of them and wish to say keep it up. Being a vegetarian eclectic who has a deep concern for our planet I find your links and comments of interest. A sprinkling of humour is essential to everyday life and you supply that as well… - Email from Kevin S.

“…Just a quick message to let you know I happened to discover Grow-a-Brain today – and suddenly the day seems more complete and fulfilling. It’s great to find an intellectual site online with quirkiness and spontaneity” - Email from Jay D.

“Your site is singularly unique! A blogger's dream-come-true! It's the Google of blog sites…” - Email from Jim J.

Kudos from Bolditalic and Fast Lane

“… don’t know how he does it”… From ”Chapel Perilous”

“…full of unusual lists and links to odd websites”, from ”Bulgy Bit”

Grow A Brain - The-Bush-Really-Needs-To-Do-This-Award, From "Mad Kane"

“It's awesome”, From “The Messiah”

What do people say about Grow-a-Brain? See Here

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September 12, 2004

People keep talking -

homerRecent accolades for “Grow-a-Brain”:

Best site on the web” – From “QuadroPHRenia” (Wow, thank you, Hank)

“…this page is amazing, chockful of links. Simply awesome. Love the way links are categorized…” From “Persentio”

“We recommend”. From Apartment therapy

From “MetaTalk” - Does anyone have other sights that are equal parts whimsy and serious thought?

A Great Blog - from “Invisible College”

“… funny and yet intelligent…” – From “Now Use It”

(one) of my favorites from Christopher Bahn by way of “From Hereto and Now”

Cool Blog from “Chaos Generation”

“…full of fun links to things you've never heard of. Check it out.- From “Nia’s Box”

What do people say about Grow-a-Brain? See here

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July 18, 2004


Pat_on_the_back_1Here are some recent ‘pat on the back’s -

Which blog do you learn the most from? from “At the heart of it”

Home of stunning links from “American Digest”

... A perfect check in for everything human culture imaginable" from “Bumble”

“Grow-a-brain looks great these days”, from “Things Magazine”

“Avoid clicking on Grow-A-Brain unless you have at least thirty minutes to piss away”, from Good Grief

Lovely linklog from “Bowblog”

“One of my favourites” from “Sir Harris”

“Good linking blog to real estate issues” from “Bowulf Infosec”

“Grow-a-brain always has tons of good things to look into”, from “About Jane”

A blog of blogs and websites” from “impress Books”

Nice looking linklog from Pete Ashton

The New York Post called Grow-A-Brain “perhaps the most recognized of the realtor blog genre”, but linked to a dead link… (June 5th, 2004)

A long List of People Talking about Grow-a-Brain Here

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May 24, 2004

Should unsolicited praise make me nervous?

I am surprised that the phenomena and popularity of Real estate blogs have not taken off yet among Realtors. Maybe Jessica Swesey’s article from today will help change that. It was originally published by “Inman News”, a leading independent real estate news service and content provider.

“Grow-a-Brain one of those sites that must be devoured on it's own merit, no individual link does it justice"… From “Chapel Perilous”

Praise“A very unique blog... intelligent, thought-provoking and fun. And, if you're buying or selling a house in Southern California, they can help you out too!”… From “Rox Populi”

“Believe it or not, Grow-a-Brain is one of only four blogs I limit myself to reading - otherwise I would have no time at all…” – From “2Bangkok”

Grow-A-Brain is hard to categorize ... Little bit of everything from real knowledge to stuff like making Turkish orchid ice cream. Love it…” From "Seanachie Hill", Grass Valley, CA

The world of extreme sports is metaphor-rich terrain for Extreme Leadership … From “Fast Company”

An amazing Website … I could spend days getting lost in it… From “Malanda”

Mystery Japanese Teacher website

What did other People say about Grow-a-Brain? If you too enjoy reading our blog, please participate by leaving comments at the bottom of each posting.

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April 19, 2004

Happy First Blogiversary to Grow-a-Brain! Our first posting was on April 19, 2003. In dog years, we are 10.

birthdayCake.jpg And what do people say about it?

The best real estate blog on the planet! from “Diversionz

“I could save myself a lot of work by just cannibalizing Grow-a-Brain weblog for the rest of the year. But that's cheating, so I'll try to limit myself...” from Pen-Elayne on the Web

Grow a Brain…has so many links you'll probably never be able to follow all the ones that interest you”, from “Metafilter”

“Why did this web site get over one hundred twenty-eight thousand visits yesterday? ....due to a link to my Secret Finger Page on “Grow-a-Brain’ - Go Xeno! (“Up to 2 million visitors in one day!)

“Give credit where credit is due - An excellent blog”, from “Sachs Report”

“Grow-a-brain… brings rough and ready and wondrous clicky f'allyall'sasses...” from “Tofu Hut”

“Great site, great list” from “Raminta"

“Links de Hoy” from “Venethinker”

“A great place to waste time” from Missouri Scenic Rivers Resource Website

“Great links” from "Oedipa's Quest"

What do People say about Grow-a-Brain? If You have anything nice to say, please do so now

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March 25, 2004

brain1.jpgI have been accused by a reader of this blog, that the blog is way too intellectual. I promise to remedy this & increase the posting of more popular themes; we don’t want to cater to a small elite few of ivory-tower dwellers here, now don’t we…

On the “Who Cares” front, in the last few days we have been linked by a dozen or more of “Link Aggregators”, which have increased our traffic dramatically. Most have linked to the Archive of Sand Sculptures and some have linked to the Archive of Insect food and other postings.

Among these linkers are LinkFilter, Linkdump, Madville , Metafilter, The Greek Humor, the Danish Test Domicile , and from South America Oink, One’s Web, Internezz, Milinkito, Yonkiss, as well as J-Walk, Presurfer and many other bloggers.

Here are more people that were talking about “Grow-a-Brain” recently

“…Best real estate blog in the universe, IMO…” from “Playing with my Food”

“A Brilliant Site” from “Mr. Power”

“Vast site with too many links to follow” from “Johnny Burrito”

Thank you to all readers & blessed be the comment makers.

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March 03, 2004

Here are some of the recent reactions we’ve been getting for the new design here at “Grow-a-Brain”. Thanks again, taz, for your intuition and taste…

...Hot Site… Highly recommended. 2 paws up...From “Hot Links” - March 4, 2004.

...fine blog with spiffy new design… From “Incoming Signals” - March 3, 2004.

“…the totally wonderful Grow-A-Brain… - From Tom Mcmahon - March 2, 2004.

Growabrain has been rockin it lately … From “Blog Bandit” - March 1, 2004.

clapping.jpg Very cool… From “Hickory Creek” - February 29, 2004.

Minimum daily requirements… From "Corsinet" - February 28, 2004.

This is how it's done, folks. Credit Where Credit Is Due… From “Exclamation Mark”- February 28, 2004.

grow-a-brain… the coolest site I've linked permanently for everyone. You can spend hours going through their stuff… From “Can we come in?” - February 28, 2004.

Here's a topic that's tailor-made for South Florida - We got sand…. From “The Miami Herald” - February 25, 2004.

…The always remarkable Grow-a-Brain weblog… From “Deep Fun” - February 23, 2004.

... grow-a-brain, where have you been all my life?... From “This is not a Blog” - February 21, 2004.

The new and improved grow-a-brain… From “Sciatica” - February 12, 2004.

if you haven't checked out Grow A Brain recently, you should do so. It used to be terribly ugly. Now it's very nice… From “J-Walk” - February 23, 2004.

Check it out…From “Off on a Tangent” - February 16, 2004.

If you've never visited them, you're missing out on something… From “Pre-Surfer” - January 11, 2004.

Archives of Feedback from 2003 . If you have anything to say, please leave a comment. Thank you.

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February 01, 2004

What People were saying about Grow-a-Brain in 2003


....Year-End Best-of-the-Web Picks... - From "Living Home" , December 30, 2003

....Some of the best links in the universe... - From "Playing with my Food" , December 20, 2003

Trawling around the blogosphere I found one of the best sites yet - From "Metallic" , December 14, 2003

An incredible amount of Internet sites that list so many subjects that the mind boggles - From Malcom Lagauche, "Lagauche is Right" , December 11, 2003

Your Realtor Keeps In Touch With a Fun Blog - From "Living Home" Trends & Answers , December 11, 2003

Featured Site of the Month... - of the "Romanian Mint Rubbing Association", October 25, 2003

....They A huge list of links on lots of tops. An awesome resource if you've got an inquisitive mind.. - From "Rob Girard", September 17, 2003

....They are link-ferrets ....finding the most amazing, off-beat, wonderful stuff (BoingBoing bada-bing!)— all the while keeping readers abreast of his firm's current listings. ..... - From "Bag & Baggage", September 4, 2003

11click11.gif"Click Of The Day", August 18, 2003

....the weblog with the most eclectic, unusual and comprehensive catalogue of links in the world ..... - From "Yummy Wakame", August 9, 2003

....The Greatest Links on the Web..... - From "A is for Apiculate", August 2, 2003

"Chatter" from ... The business section of "The Orange County Register", July, 18, 2003

Oc_register_2....Hideously ugly, well-intentioned..... - From "UP2Speed", July 18, 2003

....You'd better head on over (there) and be in with a big surprise. Great links and a great sense of humor..... - From "The Presurfer", July 10, 2003

....The Great Team's blog ... goes from strength to strength.... since the Spring, this realtor weblog has blossomed in popularity. One can imagine that blogging takes up a significant chunk of their time, stopping them from getting out in the California sunshine and realtoring, or whatever..... - From "Thingsmagazine.net", July 8, 2003

... Strange little site.... and ... weird group of crazy tie-wearing realtors .... "Chapel Perilous", June 29 & July 6, 2003

... Fabulous site....Who would have thought a bunch of real estate agents in my backyard would have such twisted senses of humor? .... "Sciatica", June 29, 2003

Growabrain has eclectic links to the most interesting places to visit on the internet.... "William Bader", June 28, 2003

....(It)... deftly interweaves the authors' interest and expertise in real estate topics with their appreciation of cuisine, travel, current events, local color, ETC. This is a nice example of how a business-related blog need not be dry and soulless.... "Bag and Baggage", June 27, 2003

....The great team is keeping track of Real Estate Blogs....By the speed they added us to their list, I would say they're on the ball; so you might want to list with them.... "LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION", June 23, 2003

....Go there, Lot's and lot's of cool cars to look at.... "Archon Ramie Live Journal", June 22, 2003

....Cool links to all kinds of different car galleries.... "Fazed", June 21, 2003

111msn.jpg....BEST OF THE BLOGS.... " MSNBC - Blogspotting", June 20, 2003

....Mystery Link on E-Week.... "Spencer the Katt", June 19, 2003

....Felling brain small? Need to grow a little gray matter? Click (on Growabrain) and educate yourself.... "Hector vex's Infotainment", June 16, 2003

....Read up some of these guys, they'll make you feel normal again.... " Automotive Forums", May 27, 2003

111usat.jpg....This site can help you "grow a brain" – if you're interested in that sort of thing.... "USA TODAY" Friday Hip Clicks, May 15, 2003

....If you don't have a good three hours to waste, I don't recomend going to this site.... A very interesting site.... I have spent hours wandering around inside....... - From "Haloed Moment", May 14, 2003

....links to many really great, interesting pages from all over the 'net... - From "Jeanette Navia's Personal Blog ", May 12, 2003

....Hei, it realy works.... my brain weight BEFORE, was 5.5 pound and AFTER it´s 6.5 - do you think information has real weight or my brain is bigger?.....:-.... - Eitan Cohen at "Blogwise", May 12, 2003

....Grow a Brain is a blog worth knowing..... It has heart, sensitivity, creativity, and a lot of excellent links.... - Mark S. at "Blogwise", May 10, 2003

.... One of the better link lists I have seen in awhile is the page at Grow A Brain Cafe - just a page of all kinds of play-pretties. ..... - From "Love And The Happy Cynic", May 2, 2003

.... Lots of good links here..... - From "Lindas Homeschool Weblog", April 27, 2003

....Unusual & intelligent places to visit on the net..... - From "The Movie Portal", April 21, 2003

....One of the best domain names on the internet... - From "Plep", April 18, 2003

....Quite the collection of odd links, strange places and other things..... - From "Scotty's House O'links", April 7, 2003

....Everything From Soup to Nuts! ..... - From NancyBaxter.com , April 4, 2003

Lots of nice links at growabrain.... - From "Bifurcated Rivets", March 27, 2003

... 100's eclectic, unique & intelligent places to visit on the net....From Yorba Linda, California - From "Turk's Head Review", West Chester, Pennsylvania, March 25, 2003

111fm.jpg...Unique list of some very different links and features intelligent places to visit on the net.... - From "Life FM 107.9" - West Lakes, South Australia, March 24, 2003

"Grow-A-Brain"... has a good section on architecture by real estate people.... - From "Toph from the Trenches", March 19, 2003

....Link-o-rama..... The Great Team are a collection of four realtors in Yorba Linda, Southern California. Nothing special about that, perhaps..... but their office seems to spend all its spare time looking up obscure links and cataloguing them – creating a weblog, no less. Grow-a-brain, the result of all this goofing off, certainly has its moments.... - From "Thingsmagazine.net", March 19, 2003

.... A large and eclectic linkpool... assembled by a bunch of California realtors.... - From "Reenhead", Washington DC, March 17, 2003

.... growabrain: the great team?.... - From "shitfit", March 4, 2003

....For your surfing pleasure - catalogued webby goodies.... - From "No Sense of Place", February 27, 2003

....Perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon....I've spent hours there and haven't even got started yet..... - From "Not A Fish", February 22, 2003

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