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November 01, 2005

Tastes like Chicken

Chocolate_jesus The history of Chocolate Covered Bacon

Molded Chocolate Breakfast items, from fried egg & bacon strips, to 3d bagel & waffles

Chocolate toothpaste from the Philippines

Wrapping all over the world

Deep Fried Snickers Bar

Chocolate Nike. (Thank you, Alain) and Gayle’s Chocolate High Heel Shoes

11056 photos on flickr tagged with “chocolate”

Does Saying No to Chocolate Glorify God? “I think Jesus would’ve enjoyed a chocolate drink as much as he enjoyed turning water into wine at a wedding feast”…

Chokolate Revolution in Perugia. (Thank you, Dafna)

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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August 09, 2005

Death by Chocolate

Lindt Chocolate Cheese - Popular in Asia

Authorial Candy Bars, with Their Respective Tag Lines, That Weren't as Successful as the Oh Henry! Candy Bar; The Orwell Bar—"Eat this treat and help blot out the bloody stain of Stalin's Russia."

Thin & delicate Chocolate Roses by Lisa, start at $250 a piece

Elton John & the chocolate factory

Salon du Chocolat: Chocolate shows were always in fashion

Chocolate On The Inside - The Lounge Tribute To Eminem

Al Cabino & the world's first ever sneaker chocolate

Hershey buys Berkeley chocolatier that specializes in premium dark chocolates, Scharffen Berger

A Chocolate Fountain

Un-related: flying girl

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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April 17, 2005

The Gods of Chocolate


Chocolate Deities. The Venus of Laussel, The Mayan Mask of Transformation, Lord Krishna & many others to choose from

Chocolate dinner. Imagine you're planning a six-course dinner where every course features chocolate

Chocolate Syrup Wrestling at the DNA Lounge

Chocolate Alchemy - The Art & Science of Homemade Chocolate

Squid chocolate

Chocolate dreams in Dali gallery

Nestlé Milkybar Mini Cakes

The Best Chocolate Stores in New York

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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February 12, 2005

Secret Recipe


Eat Your Records, a toy turntable that played records made of sugar and chocolate

Zhocolate Secret Chocolate, so good it cost a $1,000 box and so secret you are not allowed to see the box it came in

If that price is too steep, how about the Burlwood Chocolate Vault assorted collection from Richart –Only $750

Chocolate Bar Soap, (From the good merchants who brought us the Razor Blade Soap a while back)

Playful Chocolate is like Viagra for women. It triggers feelings of "pleasurable anticipation"

Spanish Chocolate that is out of our Solar system. (From "Boing Boing")

La Maison du Chocolat

Where to buy the best gourmet chocolate online for Valentine?

The Rules Of Chocolate: If you have got melted chocolate all over your hands, you are eating it too slowly

The Chocolate Buffet at The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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December 24, 2004

Chocolate with beer

 Hersheys_kiss Vosges’ Zion Collection. Exploring some of Jamaica's most loved ingredients: Allspice, Pumpkin, Red Stripe Beer, Hemp Seed, Blue Mountain Coffee and Coconut

Cioccolato all'assenzio, chocolate flavored with absinthe and beer-flavored chocolates

Cocoa Flavored Body Powder. Simply buff onto arms, legs, shoulders, and décolleté

Seven different Hershey’s Kisses

Chocolate fountains, big at weddings & Bar-Mitzvahs. Also, Cheese fountain

Chocolate reviews of a chocolate snob

Is there a "squiggle code" to identify chocolates?

Dr Peter Posnette, father of modern day chocolate has died aged 90

I went sailing on a Caribbean vacation for a few weeks. This post has been pre-blogged for your enjoyment. Any complains will have to wait until my return. Today’s “Blog Of The Day” will be on hold until after Christmas. Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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July 31, 2004

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

chocolate_wonka Roulette Chocolate, 11 chocolate-bullets with praline, one with jalapeño. (From “Coolio’s”). See also, Electro chock Roulette

Chocolate June bug

Dolfin Belgian chocolates contain unusual spices: Hot masala, mint, peppercorn, aniseed and tea leaves

For adults only: Adult Chocolate Pops. You have to show two forms of ID to purchase one

(Last year when I visited Israel, my family took me to the Chocolate Gallery in Rosh Pina. In this mountainous Galilee town, in a restored stone building built at the end of the 19th century, they serve a delightful chocolate menu. The site unfortunately is only in Hebrew).

Geneviève Grandbois

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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May 10, 2004

Chocolate story of the week:

chocolate_home A woman with an apparently insatiable sweet tooth stunned staff at a British shop when she bought 10,000 chocolate bars and had them loaded into her chauffeur-driven limousine...

Anil Dash asks: Why does my dog smell like chocolate?

From "Think Big" (and "Be Big") - A giant 10 pound Ghirardelli candybar, now $59 each

Make your own chocolate - The art & science of homemade chocolate

Michel Cluizel, maker of gourmet all natural chocolates

The MIT Laboratory for Chocolate Science and why Chocolate Makes Us Happy

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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April 08, 2004

Chocolate News

chocolate_house.jpgNew Cartoon Character: Feecal The Chocolate Starfish

"Fill Me With Love" Cheesecake: A breathtaking edible gift box of white- and bittersweet-chocolate cheesecake swirled with raspberry on a chocolate/macadamia-nut crust.
• Lid is hand-sculpted of the finest Belgian white chocolate adorned with dark chocolate scrolls.
• The gold-edged ribbon is edible satin-finished white chocolate.
• The finishing touch, a lifelike rose, is also chocolate. Price $124.00. (From Angie McKaig)

Chocolate Cars (From “The G Spot”). Many more Sculptures made of Chocolate can be found at the French Choco-Club

Chocolate During Pregnancy Has Good Impact on Baby

Ghirardelli Chocolate Beverages

Aero loses a mint: Furious factory bosses are hunting a worker who printed a rude slur on a truck-load of chocolate bars

The Sweet Lure of Chocolate (From “Corsinet”)

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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February 24, 2004

A chocolate Box, please take one.

M&M's obsession leads to physics discovery; Princeton Professors used 55-gallon drum of M&M candies to reveal fundamental principles governing the random packing of particles.

How come there are no Chocolate-flavored toothpaste ? Or Chocolate-flavored toothbrush ? Stupid toothpaste Necklace .

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker in Berkeley.

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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January 31, 2004

Here are the 2003 “Grow-a-Brain” Chocolate Links.

Chocolate2,600 years old chocolate tea pot discovered (From "Mirabilis" ) - 8/3/03

3D molecule image of Theobromine - Chocolate's Caffeine Relative

95 Kisses = 1 pound - 9/05/03

Absinthe Truffles (From "Snarky Malarkey" ) - 12/12/03

Advertising with Chocolate

Armies of fighting fungi protect chocolate trees . (From the new "del.icio.us" ) - 12/27/03

Artisan Chocolates from Mariebelle , Donnelly , Guittard and L.A. Burdick - 11/29/03

Astrology Chocolate - 10/16/03

Belgian Cote D'or . Thank you, Mark U.

Best Chocolate in the world is considered to be produced out of the white Porcelana beans which comes from small plantations in Venezuela... - 10/1/03

Bogus traffic cops hijack truckload of chocolate - 10/12/03


Candy Art - 1/11/04

Chocolate Psychoactive Food - 1/25/04

Chocolate Beer (Under "Beer" or under "Chocolate"?) - 8/3/03

Chocolate Cheeseburger (with all the fixings), Chocolate Spaghetti Delight and many more such horrible novelties (From "No Bugs" ) - 12/28/03

Chocolate-coated Scorpions (From "Mirabilis" ) - 8/20/03

Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips, A Chip Off the Old Chocolate and Salt Snack Block - 12/3/03

Chocolate Feet (From "Weird Links" ) - 9/7/03

Chocolate Martini and Chocolate Liqueurs

Chocolate Medicine - Do we need permission for pleasure? - 8/31/03

Chocolate recipes from El Rey

Chocolate slavery. Thank you "Plep".

"Chocophile"s 'C' ratings - 10/12/03

Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat, a French chocolate connoisseurs Club - 9/05/03

Co-op of Chocolate where chocophiles buy their chocolate ("Because Life is Too Short for Anything But The Best Chocolate") - 10/2/03

Cowgirl Chocolates (From Kelly Sue DeConnick ) - 1/6/04

"Death By Chocolate", a psychedelic pop-art band, and "Land of Chocolate", a "art-rock" band

Endangered Chocolate The botanical battle to save an ancient flavor - 11/29/03

Enjoy Chocolate Massages and sweeter, some Hershey Collectibles

Erotic Things to do with Chocolate Besides Eating It - 8/23/03


Grilled Chocolate Sandwich - 9/27/03

Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate's History of Cocoa

Hedy Goldsmith's recipe for Bing Cherry and White Chocolate Phyllo Napoleon

Hershey Spa - 12/21/03

It had to come - Chocolate Tattoos (From "Dangerous Meta" ) - 3/28/03

Lasse Hallström's "Chocolat", The obvious film

Max Brenner's Israeli Chocolate Art From "Chocosphere", the chocolate portal

Measure the speed of light using Milky Way Chocolate and A Microwave, (From "Bifurcated Rivets" ) - 12/8/03

Milwaukee's "Chocolate Nazi" (free registration required)

Mister Chocolate, Jacques Torres's recipe for Candied Grapefruit Peels - 9/05/03

Money Magazine's list of "The world's best chocolate" . Thank you, Howard L.

Monopoly Chocolate Set (From "Tom McMahon" ) - 9/28/03

Name that candy bar

New York Chocolate Bar , a new fad - 12/8/03

New world record for largest chocolate chip cookie (from ”coolios”)

Pork fat covered in chocolate - 8/6/03

Putin's likeness created with chocolate, valued at $700 , Chocolate Fashion Show , Chocolate Body Paint and Chocolate Soup (Yak) .

Chocolate Brains , (From "Reality Carnival" ) - 11/24/03

Reeses doesn't do it for me, but I'll try a White Chocolate Reeses - 12/21/03

Rick Steve's Graffiti wall of Chocolate - 11/13/03

Robert Cormier's "The Chocolate War" - 1/3/04

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker

Send Virtual Chocolate Greeting Cards

Strom Thurmond's Chocolate Surprise - 1/3/04

Sushi Chocolate  - 2/3/04

Take the Chocolate Challenge

Tasty caskets (From Toni "Blue-lips") - 7/14/03

The Chocolate Museum and the The chocolate wrappers museum

The Chocolate Secret Suite in NYC - Hotel for one, $2000/night base price.(flash)

The End of Chocolate - 9/05/03

The Hershey Corp. and Hershey syrup - now comes in green

The New York Chocolate Show

This chocolate Soap for the Soul is not the only Chocolate Soap around - 9/23/03

Valrhona - one of France's finest palate pleasers

White Chocolate; Establishment of a Standard of Identity by the FDA - October 4, 2002, Final rule

"White is the new brown"

World's biggest chocolate - 10/27/03

Many More Unusual Chocolates and Unusual Desserts Here

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