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October 17, 2005

History of Cell Phones

Old_cell_phone The first cocktail ever was made in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago, using wine, beer, apple juice and honey

Oldest Chinese noodles - 4,000 old

1790 - First U.S. Patent: U.S. Patent No. 1X "Method of producing pot ash and pearl ash" issued to Samuel Hopkins

First modern bodybuilder, Eugen Sandow, born Friederich Wilhelm Mueller on April 2, 1867

1871 - Andrew Smith Hallidie Patented the first cable car

The first issue of National Geographic Magazine hit the newsstands this day, October 17, 1888. Wikipedia has a daily what happened on this day feature

1973 - First public telephone call placed on a portable cellular phone

First glimpse of The Simpsons on the Tracey Ullman Show 1987-1989, before and after ad breaks

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June 26, 2005

The man behind the curtain

Motel_sign_2 The Milestone motel by Highway 101, the very first motel - 1925

The first Academy Award (Oscar) winners - 1929

The Atanasoff-Berry Computer was the first electronic digital computer, built in 1937-1942 at Iowa State University

Noughts And Crosses - The oldest graphical computer game - 1952. From the previously-blogged Pong Story

First Starbucks Coffee store opens for business in the Pike Place Market - 1971. (Ooops - This is a re-post)

The Trojan Room coffee pot - 1991, the inspiration for the world's first webcam

Craig Silverstein, Google employee No. 1, the Man behind the curtain - 1998

The British Armed Forces has officially recognized Naval technician Chris Cranmer, 24, its first registered Satanist - 2004

Many More Unusual ‘First Ever’ Stories Here

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February 21, 2005

The first time -

Mcduck_1 World's Oldest Board Game - 3,000 BC

Philogelos, the oldest joke in the world: "Wishing to teach his donkey not to eat, a pedant did not offer him any food. When the donkey died of hunger, he said "I've had a great loss. Just when he had learned not to eat, he died." (2,500 years old, I told this joke less than 6 months ago)

The first omnibus newspaper ever published in Scandinavia - January 1749

What do you say when you answer a ringing telephone? The first Hello - 1880

The world's first practical light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879, and a mere three years later in 1882 an associate of his, one Edward Johnson, electrically lit a Christmas tree for the first time. Update: See comment below from "New Links" regarding the first electrically lit street

Scrooge McDuck - The very first image on the very first Macintosh - January 1980. (From ”Folklore”, anecdotes about the development of Apple's original Macintosh computer, and the people who created it)

The first web browser was written in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee. See 2 screen shots.

Making the rounds: The first image on the Web - 1992

Many More Unusual ‘First Ever’ Stories Here

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December 21, 2004

First TV dinner at The Waldorf

Oldest_map_1 The Oldest Map of the World , 6200 B.C. Located at the Konya Museum, Turkey

More about Joseph Nicéphore Niépce’s first photograph (1826)

World's First Commercial Christmas Card, 1843

A dinner celebrating the first live television transmittion was held after the demonstration at the Waldorf Astoria. Hence, the first true TV Dinner. June 29, 1936

The 100 Oldest .com Domains that are Currently Registered. (From Jason Kottke)

An Eclectic & Long List of ‘Firsts‘ Here

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November 05, 2004

What was the second music video played on MTV?

Chestity_belt_2 Oldest Known Musical Instrument Plays Notes of Do, Re, Mi Scale. This artifact is dated between 43,000 to 82,000 years old, making it the first flute ever to be associated with Neanderthals and oldest musical instrument ever found. Also, the Oldest Song in the World

1405 - Oldest Chastity Belt

14th century - First paper banknote

Oldest known pencil from the 17 century. (Found at “Reality Carnival”)

1817 – The first bicycle, the steerable Draisienne was invented

July 8, 1870. The first registered US trademark was one of the «Averill Chemical Paint Company» of New York City, which represented an eagle holding in its beak a pot of paint and a pennant with a slogan

August 28, 1884. Oldest known image of a tornado. It was taken near Howard, South Dakota. From “Gallery of Fluid Mechanics”

The oldest known existing model A in the world is A 189, one of the 200 very first prototype cars from 1927. This is a presentation of a 1928 Ford A Roadster, the earliest known Model A Ford

1947 - First Computer Bug

August 1, 1981. What was the first music video played on MTV? Video Killed The Radio Star, by the Buggles . What was the second MTV music video ?

October 27, 1994. Watch AT&T’s "you will" campaign, the First banner ads. (From ”Boing Boing”)

May 8, 2003. First Picture of Earth From Mars

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Our Long List of ‘Firsts‘ Here

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September 20, 2004

First Barbie doll

First_barbie_1 First Kaleidoscope, invented in 1816 by David Brewster

From the Early Office Museum: Antique Office Illustrations & Photographs, 1830s - 1880s

The First Miss America Beauty Pageant, 1921

First Barbie doll, sold March 9, 1959

First 911 call - February, 1967

First woman on the moon, August 28, 1999

I am on vacation and will be away for a few weeks. This post has been pre-blogged for your enjoyment. Any complains will have to wait until my return. Visit Our Fascinating First Ever List Here

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August 24, 2004

Elvis has left the building: Time for another portion of Grow-a-Brain’s “List of Firsts”

Elvis_pelvis_1 Games of the First Olympiad - 1896

The car that changed the world: First Model T comes together - August 12, 1908

"My Daddy Rocks Me (with One Good Steady Roll)" - There are many candidates for the title of the first Rock and Roll record - 1922!

The Earliest Known Recording of Broadcast Television from the BBC's 30-line service: The 'Silvatone' Recording: 1933

Who was the first to say “Elvis has left the building”? December 15, 1956

Speech synthesis have come along way. Listen to the first full text-to-speech system, done by the Japanese Noriko Umeda and co. - 1968

One of William Henry Gates III first open letters to hobbyists - February 3, 1976

The First Blog Ever! - April 27, 1983

Who will be the first to swim around the world? Farfetched it may seem but when Benoit Lecomte swam across the Atlantic in 1998 he introduced a new global sports challenge: the first to swim around the world

Painting of Elvis with a banana above by Naoki Mitsuse. If you like ‘em, you must visit our Long List of Eclectic “First Ever”s Here

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May 25, 2004

(My favorite collection:) List of First’s

Macy_salesman Index of Cartographic Images and the first maps - 6,200 B.C.

Oldest surviving Joke book compiled in the fourth or fifth century CE. Sample #219. A glutton betrothed his daughter to another glutton. Asked what he was giving her as a dowry, he replied: "A house whose windows face the bakery."

First Library (from 2000 years ago) discovered last month. (Found on the new literary blog Kineret from Israel. Hebrew only for now)

Lenardo and Blandine, the First comic book dated 1783

Who built the first Martini? (1870)

The Birth of a Salesman: John H. Patterson and the Sales Strategy of the National Cash Register Company, (1884 to 1922) Transformed Selling in America

Our long List of “Firsts” Here

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May 09, 2004

Oldest / Goldest

Ancientrhythm Vindolanda - The earliest known examples of writing in Latin by a woman . (From Particles) - AD 127

Cave yields 'earliest jewellery' (75,000 years BC) and recordings of the first financial transactions. (Uruk, Iraq, approx. 1000 BC. Both found at Rebecca's pocket)

The British Library now presents the oldest printed book in the world, the 868AD Diamond Sutra, in Shockwave format

What was the first license plate? (1893). Many more license plates links here.

Many More “First Ever” Links Here

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April 23, 2004

Firstest Ever

Starbucks_coffee First known example of the use of photography for propaganda purposes, and also of a faked picture - 1840

Southdale Shopping Center, in Edina, Minnesota was the first totally enclosed shopping center in the nation - 1952. Here’s an interesting New Yorker article about The birth of the modern mall

Starbucks Coffee opens first store in Pike Place Market, Seattle - April 1971. (Thanks to Alan Stein, staff historian of ”History Link”)

First prepaid phonecard - 1976.

Usenet Group “firsts” - First thread about AIDS (December 1982), First thread about the Chernobyl meltdown (March 1986), First thread after 9/11 terrorist attacks - Date: 2001-09-11 05:51:48 PST

More at my favorite “Collection”: The List of First Ever’s Here

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February 29, 2004

Here is the second of over 150 collections from the old "Grow-a-Brain"! The list of "First Ever"

First_steponmoon_2 World's First written words - approx. 3000 BC

First ice cream - about 700 A.D.

First Scottish books - 1508 (From "Plep") - 11/29/03

Magellan's First Circumnavigation Of The Globe - 1518 (- 11/29/03)

The Gutenberg Bible, first printed book - 1554

A "First Thanksgiving" Dinner - 1621 (- 9/16/03)

Benjamin Franklin's Club of Mutual Improvement - 1731, the nation's first subscription public library

The First Amendment - 1786 (- 9/19/03)

First Bicycle The Walking Machine - 1817

Some thoughts on the First known photograph - 1826

The Penny Black - World's first Stamp - 1840

The First Typewriter - 1874 (from "Plep")

Tom Sawyer - The first novel ever written on a typewriter - 1876 (- 8/31/03)

"Mary had a little Lamb" - 1877

Eadweard Muybridge & the first serial motion photography - 1878

Flat Disc Record - 1881

Victoria C. Woodhull, first woman to run for president - 1888 (by Susan Kullmann Puz)

The hand of Mrs. Wilhelm Roentgen: the first X-ray image - 1895 (- 8/25/03)

First Traffic Accident - 1896 (- 9/14/03)

Official Land Speed Record Set - 1898 (- 1/3/04)

First Flight - 1903

First Trans-continental Crossing by car - 1903

First Photograph Ever Taken From the Clouds - 1907 (- 8/5/03)

Roald Amundsen reaches the South Pole - 1911

Brief history of the Lincoln Highway, America's original transcontinental highway, 1912 (- 11/15/03)

First Crossword Puzzle - 1913

Piggly Wiggly, America's first self-service supermarket - 1916 - (9/24/03)

First World War - 1914-1918

The First Mobile Home - 1923 (- 11/7/03)

Roosevelt's First Fireside Chat - March 12, 1933

I'm sure you too have always wondered: Who was the genius who came up with the concept: "Why don't we charge people to have their cars parked in the streets?" Now you know, Carl C. Magee, of Oklahoma City - 1935 (10/28/03)

Action Comics, Superman # 1 - June 1938

Who's on First - 1945

The First Atomic Bomb Blast - July 16, 1945

First Bikini unveiled - July 5th, 1946

Jackie Robinson - 1947

First Mcdonald's restaurant, San Bernardino, CA - 1948

What was First Personal Computer ? - 1949 (from "Metafilter") - 8/29/03

First ascent of Mount Everest - 1953 (from "Portage")

Bannister breaks four-minute mile - 1954

First Satelite in Space - October 5, 1957 (- 10/29/03)

First woman in Space - 1963 (from "Presurfer")

Super Bowl 1 - January 15, 1967

First Verified Walk Round the World - 1970-1974 (- 8/18/03)

First Email message - 1971

First Computer Virus - 1975 - (8/6/03). And the first Spam - May 3, 1978 (from Brad Templeton)

First 'test tube baby' born - July 26, 1978

The first 11 "Microsoft" Employees - 1978

First :-) "Smiley" - 1982

First American Woman in Space - 1983

The oldest domain names - 1985 (From "A Welsh View") - 8/12/03

First "Burning Man" in Nevada - 1990 (- 7/11/03)

First Yahoo and Microsoft pages - 1994

First Google page - 1997 (- 8/23/03)

"Robot Wisdom" (by Jorn Barger) - First blog - December 17, 1997 (- 8/30/03)

First Woman solo row Atlantic Ocean - 1999

Very first post on "Metafilter", July 14, 1999 (From "Wendell Wit" ) - 9/21/03

Many More “First Ever” Links Here

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