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September 30, 2009

Calling Mike Rotch

Tube bar

In the mid-1970s, two young men, John Elmo and Jim Davidson (later known collectively as The Bum Bar Bastards, or BBB), began calling a bar named the Tube Bar which was located in Jersey City, New Jersey. The Tube Bar was owned by Louis "Red" Deutsch, and most of the time, Deutsch was the person who answered the calls. During each call, the callers would ask Deutsch to call out fictitious names, which, when said aloud, sounded like something else entirely (for example, "Al Coholic" = alcoholic, or "Cole Kutz" = cold cuts). Most of the time, Deutsch would call out the names, unaware that he was being subjected to a prank. Sometimes, however, Deutsch would catch on to the prank, and when he did, he responded with extreme hostility, shouting at the caller with profanity, obscene sexual references, usually involving the caller's mother, and threats of physical harm.


In an act of apparent desperation, Red also claimed that he would reward the caller with $100 if they would "come on down" to the bar and show his face, or meet Red at a place of their choosing. Red eventually raised the reward to $500, in hopes of enticing the young men, however it is widely believed that the callers never collected their reward because of fears of having their "prick cut off", or their "belly cut open"….

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This sounds just like Moe from The Simpsons! I wonder if he is based on this guy...

Posted by: Injection Moulding at Oct 6, 2009 5:40:45 AM

I was thinking just the same thing. It's exactly like Bart and Moe from the Simpsons.

Posted by: Austin Bankruptcy Lawyer at Oct 9, 2009 6:38:13 AM

of course this is just like the Simpsons. this is where Matt Groening got the idea!

Posted by: Tony at Oct 11, 2009 5:35:59 PM