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February 01, 2009

Colton High School

A few months ago, there was a photo floating around on the intertubes, showing an ironic misspelling on some high school sign that caused many LOLZ

Since the gorgeous city of Colton is not far from where I live, I decided to investigate, and see for myself if the educators at this esteemed place of learning could be so clueless. I drove there & took the enclosed photo. (Click to biggify)

Never trust what you see on the interwebs

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I would note also that there are other differences between your photo and the "misspelled" one - the shrubbery on the ground is completely different, and the tree behind the wall appears to have been trimmed. The photos were apparently taken in different years - plenty of time for the school to have been advised of the error and to have had the sign amended.

Posted by: Minnesotastan at Feb 2, 2009 8:57:37 AM