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September 25, 2008

King Marries Bishop

Campus_heroes Unfortunate French Names

Wedding announcements: Unfortunate name combinations

If you can read this, my cardigan fell off, by Natalie Dee

Unfortunate World Trade Center Old Ads. From the NYT: The Twin Towers are still around

Ginger Anyhow's embroidered text messages

Sorry we closed - we out of meet

How to solve a maze puzzle using Photoshop

Worst Tans Ever

A growing number of women in Britain have become fascinated with lifelike baby dolls known as Reborns. These dolls have beating hearts: they are dressed like real babies and even have their diapers changed, as their “moms” take them on outings and cuddle with them. My Fake Baby

Seen everywhere: A nasty tenant

Huge Depositories of Unusual Oddities and Crazy linkage Here

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