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June 07, 2008

Our Baby dog is dead


Our other dog, “Modah” (‘Baby’ in Chinese) died this afternoon after a few days of being very weak. He was about 12 years old. It was less than 3 months ago that his mother died, also of old age.

My honey is devastated. She brought both dogs from Shanghai in January, so that they could spend their last days here with her, but she did not expect that it will happen so soon… He just wobbled his way to the back yard, laid in the middle of the green grass, and stopped breathing.

RIP, Dog. I loved the little cuter.

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bye little fella

Posted by: matthew at Jun 7, 2008 1:14:59 AM

That's really sad, Hanan.

RIP Modah.

Posted by: Arbroath at Jun 7, 2008 2:16:01 AM

Modah's gone: for him, just make an extra effort to be nice to an animal today. And, Modah, you know what?Wobble my way to the back yard, lay in the middle of the green grass, and stop breathing"…, that's how i would like to go, little feller.

Posted by: jean-paul at Jun 7, 2008 2:51:53 AM

Big hug to you both. So sad...losing a dog is as bad as losing a sibling. Hope you will get another soon...it's the best way, really.

Posted by: Julie at Jun 7, 2008 3:13:14 AM

My deepest condolences. Nothing hurts worse than losing a dear pet.

Posted by: Cuidado at Jun 7, 2008 3:25:51 AM

What a bummer. My heart goes out to you both.

Posted by: Eric Peterson at Jun 7, 2008 4:20:07 AM

This post brought tears to my eyes. My little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel went the same way - I still miss him. Take care Hanan.

Posted by: TheNag at Jun 7, 2008 5:50:47 AM

This post brought tears to my eyes. My little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel went the same way - I still miss him. Take care Hanan.

Posted by: TheNag at Jun 7, 2008 5:51:49 AM

So sorry to read about your lost pets. I know how tough it is to give them up. I still think of out loved ones that passed on... but now it's a lot easier after years gone by. I guess you'll always remember your pets, I'll never forget Elke and Teddy Bear. We now have Heidi, after 5 years, she's a wonderful girl but will never replace Elke and Teddy Bear. Take care and love on...

Posted by: Roy Crockett at Jun 7, 2008 7:35:55 AM

A lot of the time pets become more dear to us than friends, partially because of the care that they're dependent upon, but also because the care that we provide gives us an opportunity to really know a dog. You learn that there's no real valid distinction that can be drawn why one should mourn a person more than a dog, and the fact that their lives are so short, and their needs so simple, makes a dog's passing almost unbearable at times.

My heart goes out to you. Be glad for the time you had.

Posted by: Fred at Jun 7, 2008 9:30:13 AM

Oh, that's so sad. It hurts so badly when our pets go. Big hugs to you and your sweetie.

Posted by: hazelbroom at Jun 7, 2008 9:56:07 AM

Please accept my sincerest condolences.

Posted by: John at Jun 7, 2008 10:10:01 AM

Quel beau petit chien! Je vous offre toutes mes sympathies.

Posted by: Marie-Cécile at Jun 7, 2008 10:11:04 AM

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad your little furry friends were loved.

Posted by: Katrina at Jun 7, 2008 11:55:54 AM

I'm so sorry about your pups. They really do become like family. My thoughts & prayers are with you and your girl. -Mich

Posted by: Michelle at Jun 7, 2008 12:25:13 PM

So very sorry.

Posted by: Dianne at Jun 7, 2008 1:53:41 PM

Very sorry, Hanan.

Posted by: marilyn Terrell at Jun 7, 2008 2:14:31 PM

Sorry to hear about the loss of your dear pet, Hanan. They say that a dog is a man's best friend, and usually they are. It's always sad to lose a friend.

Posted by: Gerard at Jun 7, 2008 2:18:35 PM

My thoughts with you and your family. It is heartbreaking to lose a pet.

Posted by: Janet at Jun 7, 2008 3:40:35 PM

Hey buddy, best wishes. Time heals all things, but unfortunately doesn't make you feel better. You're in my thoughts.

Posted by: Kurt at Jun 7, 2008 6:19:13 PM

My deepest sympathy on the loss of your little Modah. My thoughts are with you both.

Posted by: Molly at Jun 7, 2008 6:43:32 PM

Oh, I am so very sorry!

Posted by: Cari McGee at Jun 7, 2008 7:41:00 PM

I'm very sorry, Hanan. (((hugs)))

Posted by: Miss Cellania at Jun 7, 2008 7:57:46 PM

Sorry to hear that, man. A friend of the family lost 2 of his dogs last summer. They were collies, and he'd had them since they were pups. They were about 6 - 8 years old, and got sick after he unknowingly fertilized the lawn with some toxic stuff. He was also feeding them chicken products that he later found out had come from China (during the recall). A fairly wealthy guy with a good job, he spent about $10,000 dollars trying to treat the animals, but they passed away within a month, after getting sicker and sicker. He's a "loner" type, and was devastated by the loss. It can be very hard to lose a pet, but it's good to try and keep your mind and time occupied with worthy endeavors.

Posted by: mad at Jun 7, 2008 8:42:29 PM

My sympathies to you and your sweetheart.

The only downside to owning a dog is that we tend to outlive them. In return for some kibble and occasional health care, we get a lifetime of unconditional love and affection.

It sounds like it was a peaceful passing; I hope that is some comfort to you.

Posted by: NancyJoy at Jun 7, 2008 9:05:05 PM

I am sorry to hear bad/sad News.
Best Wishes.

Posted by: tony at Jun 8, 2008 3:02:56 AM

My heart goes out to you at your loss. Pets, through their example of unconditional love, have the ability to bring out the best in people. When you feel the time is appropriate, open your heart and adopt another. In doing so, you will honor Modah and what he taught you through his love for you.

Posted by: lee1954 at Jun 8, 2008 10:35:27 AM

I am so very sorry.

Posted by: nancy at Jun 8, 2008 5:00:35 PM

Oh Hanan,
I am so sorry to hear this. It is difficult to say goodbye to a member of your family. He looks so sweet in the picture.

Posted by: Barb at Jun 8, 2008 9:22:50 PM

Dear Hanan,
I wish to send you both my deepest condolences...I can easily understand your pain, I lost my beloved Pepita few years ago and still miss her a lot...

Posted by: Skywalker at Jun 10, 2008 4:54:21 AM

I am so sorry.

My little furry friends are so much a part of the family. I consider them people ... even better than people in many ways.

You have my deepest sympathies.

Posted by: Feng at Jun 10, 2008 4:08:30 PM