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May 14, 2008

One Hundred Ways I’ve Failed to Boil Water

 Big_hats The Chanel bowler by Joel-Peter Witkin, one in the series “The History of Hats in Art”

One Hundred Ways I’ve Failed to Boil Water

Software that creates water and fire effects, by Scanline, a Visual FX house in Germany

Drawing all The Simpsons on YouTube

Wesley Clark, before being retouched by Glenn Feron

World's Most Worthless Money

The Canadians have French, Celine Dion, and hockey. They also have the best screwdriver you've never heard of. The Robertson Screwdriver

Dog, Cat, and Rat (YouTube. Thank you, Dafna)

Dialing 911 Worldwide - International Emergency Phone Numbers. (From gCaptain)

Who Calls From (800) 807-4106? Maybe terrorists....

A Huge Depository of Unusual Oddities and Crazy linkage Here

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