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April 30, 2008

Kids' Favorite

 Graham_greene Just Between Us..., a booklet for girls about menstruation; published by Beltx Corporation, copyright 1950, 1955, 1961

Re-post: Kiddie Records Weekly began in 2005 as a one year project devoted to the golden age of children's records. This period spanned from the mid forties through the early fifties and produced a wealth of all-time classics. Many of these recordings were extravagant Hollywood productions on major record labels and featured big time celebrities and composers

Stoner Mike "Gonzo" Dornheim, 37, a freelance carpenter and part-time drummer, is the favorite uncle of his six nephews and nieces, family sources revealed Monday

A Huge Depository of Unusual Children Links Here

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What in the world is that .gif from?

Posted by: Thom at May 1, 2008 9:46:32 PM

Thom, I can't recall exactly from which British film from the late-40's it is, Carol Reed's Fallen Idol (?) or one that followed right behind it...

Anybody else remembers?....

Posted by: Hanan at May 1, 2008 10:49:58 PM

I thought I was on Yahoo 360, clicked in your icon and ended up here. Anyway, I noticed the "Just Between Us" pamphlet about menstruation. It's the one I got in 5th grade back in 1968. I couldn't wait for this "special time." My mom was relieved that I'd heard about it all in school because she sure didn't know how to tell me as her mother had never told her. And I remember also the film about the girl who gets pregnant and imagines different scenarios of how her parents will react. I know it scared me!

Posted by: Merm at Jun 27, 2008 3:34:38 PM