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March 08, 2008

Running a startup


Jason Calacanis on 17 tips for saving money running a startup. No. 4. Buy cheap tables and expensive chairs. Tables are a complete rip off. We buy stainless steel restaurant tables that are $100 and $600 Areon chairs. Total cost per workstation? $700. Compare that to buying a $500-$1,500 cube/designer workstation. The chair is the only thing that matters... invest in it.

Buy perhaps the Man Stool...

A short Mexican lady rang the doorbell of my house this morning. I was up & reading, so I looked at the clock. It was 6:17AM! In broken English she asked if I have a job for her, probably a house cleaning type job. Wow!

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Oh definitely a chair is a good investment, although it reminds me of a Walt Disney anecdote. Young Walt Disney finally managed to get some money and decided to invest on some comfortable chairs for his cartoonist that spent long hours drawing in stiff wood chairs. The problem was that one of the cartoonist thought that was a great idea, and brought from his home a special cushioned pillow for his brand new chair, when the rest of the cartoonists saw it they demanded they wanted cushioned pillows too and went on strike! The young Disney Studios barely survived.

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