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January 12, 2008

From the Email File

Cassette_generator "Mr. Brain;

I've not been able to send email since I saw your announcement about possibly shutting down the Grow site. I earnestly appeal to your deepest medical sensibilities not to shut down. I began growing a brain a couple of years ago after discovering your site, but my brain is not yet fully grown. It's still growing. Indeed, considerable bulk yet remains to grow before I have a complete and fully developed brain. To this end I make repeated visits to your site where I am able to add incremental amounts of tissue. I sincerely look forward to the day when I shall have a fully functioning brain like those people so often represented on your site.

Let's see, what can you do? Well I suppose you've investigated Google Ads, no? Some sites make serious money with that feature, especially ones with traffic in the numbers that you report. Serious money is eminently more useful than comedic money and would redound to your great benefit.

Regretfully, I am in the thrall of penury and would not be able to shoulder the burden of a monthly subscription. But then my brain has not completely grown in yet, now has it? Until that happens gainful employment presents an elusive goal for me and I'm often the recipient of vile maledictions from potential employers as a result. ("If you had half a fucking brain in your head . . ." That kind of thing.)

Anyway, just a note to let you know that your taste in Internet fare is widely savored and that I hope you will consider perpetuating the Grow site.



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Mr. Brain -- I thoroughly enjoy this site and I would miss it if it were gone. But if this site has stopped being fun for you, and drains you of your enjoyment of life then move on. You're life is worth it.

Posted by: hirudo at Jan 12, 2008 8:13:36 PM

I concur with the poster -- I am concerned my brain growth will be stunted if you end this blog. However, none of us are so selfish that we expect you to continue something if you are genuinely fed up.

But... you've been writing this site for a long time. I offer that you are:

A) very good at it

B) Could not have sustained the great quality this long if you did not love it.


C) Your significant blogging effort needs to make sense in terms of income.

My guess is you can solve the $$$ issue if you put your mind to it.
One obvious approach is to sell "Growa Brain" goodies e.g. hats, T-shirts.

Good luck. if you'd like to discuss further offline my email is
r j e f f r i e s
[ a h t ]
g m a i l [ d a h t ]
c o m

-ron k jeffries

Posted by: Ron K Jeffries at Jan 13, 2008 8:54:36 AM