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April 05, 2007

Why Vote for Fred Thompson

Compassionate_conservative The Playbook of the Bush Revolution - With George W. Bush's convincing victory over John Kerry in 2004, this book offers an indispensable look at his bold plans to continue implementing an agenda of compassionate conservatism. Thank You, President Bush brings together the nation???s leading conservatives to offer a thorough, hard-hitting look at Bush???s leadership through a challenging period of war, terrorism, recession and recovery. Together in print for the first time, this all-star cast of contributors includes:

• George Shultz on Bush's bold foreign policy and necessary invasion of Iraq
• Art Laffer on the supply-side benefits of the Bush tax cuts
• James Dobson on the defense of family values and the unborn
• Phyllis Schlafly on protecting U.S. sovereignty from UN encroachment
• Bill Bennett on why the Patriot Act does not threaten civil liberties

Robert Novak and other Neocons

Do-It-Yourself Attack Ad Kit in 4 easy steps

Why I'm Voting for Fred Thompson

The “Impeach Bush” Club. Ah, childhood

Executive Privilege is a Dodge, by Tony Snow, Op-Ed - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 29, 1998. And Who gives a shit about Tony Snow’s colon?

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