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March 28, 2007

Bohos & Bohemians

High_jinks San Francisco in Insurance Maps. ca. 1905. From microfilm. (Other sets by the same flickr user: Ancient Chinese Cigarette Cards and Edison's Frankenstein, cinema’s first horror film, and many others)

Jack London having Fun at The Bohemian Grove. The Alex Jones first ever hidden camera inside the Grove. More about the Grove here

Live view from the Lawrence Hall of Science, overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area. Roll over the image to see what areas you are viewing

SF Graff

Why I hate San Francisco

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'Why I Hate San Francisco' was interesting. I vacationed there for a week a couple of years ago, and was ready to get back home within days.

I was disappointed in all the touristy spots, and while there were other things (like great record stores and restaurants) that made up for some of it, I felt like the place had a cloying atmosphere of self-consciousness that made me want to get back to the South ASAP.

I liked how the author captured the dull commonness of these elements that would be considered inflammatory in some parts of the country. I never thought I'd see so many people who were so free to do and be whatever they want, yet having so little fun.

Maybe it's because living there is almost cost prohibitive. I know I'd be teed off all the time if I had to pay as much as people there do for a lousy apartment.

Posted by: emily at Mar 29, 2007 8:11:08 AM