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January 29, 2007

Zabriskie Point from Space

Zabriskie Heading up to the Cheep Beer Mine, you've got to be good and drunk to drive this road. The Cheap Beer Mine is named after a Fine American Beer, so sit back grab a beer, and......... (From a wonderful site called Ghost Town Explorers)

Death Valley from space. (Click on corner to biggify)

Detailed descriptions of all California state highways on Wikipedia

Silicon Valley by Gérard Pétremand

Photos of San Jose, CA in 1977 and 2006

Unrelated: Enter your birth date and then scroll down for fun statistics

By the way, it seems that YahooMail does not deliver all emails sent to me, so if you’ve sent me an email recently and did not receive an answer, please re-send it; I probably did not get it.

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The birthday calculator rocked, and I posted it at my place, with proper credit, of course. Thanks!

Posted by: Undeniable Liberal at Jan 30, 2007 12:59:49 PM