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November 24, 2006

Traffic Control in Denmark

Danish_crown_1 The 2400 years old Tollund Man

This movie was made by the Danish Road Safety Council and aims to draw attention to speed signs and speed limits in Denmark. Despite a decrease in speed violations, 7 out of 10 Danes still exceed the speed limit on a regular basis. Respecting the speed limits is the simplest way to save lives. (May be NSFW in some countries)

Jeg går en Tur - A self portrait by Lasse Gjertsen (Not a Dane)

Palaces of the Danish Crown

Seven New Denmarks

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Darn, I missed those Speed girls when I was in Copenhagen!! :)

Posted by: Markus at Nov 25, 2006 12:50:50 AM

Topless women at roadside? That should get people to focus on their driving.

Posted by: vbfg at Nov 27, 2006 2:05:38 AM