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November 04, 2006


Dead_elephants Gregory David Roberts is a convicted armed robber, former heroin addict, gangster and author of the bestselling book Shantaram.

Roberts was a university student when he became involved in radical politics. Following the disintegration of his marriage and the loss of custody of his daughter, he became a heroin addict and turned to armed robbery to obtain money to support his addiction. Known in Melbourne, Australia, as the Building Society Bandit and Chicken Man, he was arrested on February 22, 1978.

Sentenced to 23 years' imprisonment, he became known as "Doc Smith" due to his medical skills. His sentence was reduced on appeal but he still made use of the first opportunity to escape to New Zealand and made some money with a large marijuana crop. This financed a plane ticket to Europe, with a stopover in Bombay. He remained in Bombay for another eight years. During his stay in Bombay, Smith lived in a slum where he gave medical treatment to his neighbors. More about his transformed life there... (Thank you, Avi)

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Yes I have read the book .. Johnny Depp is supposed to play the leading man .. he will be awesome .. I think last year he bought the rights for this movie .. can't wait to see it :)


Posted by: Nabeel at Nov 7, 2006 5:30:47 PM