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November 21, 2006

Yuppie ghettos

Yuppie_ghetto The Web Log of Brick and Garden Real Estate

Denver Lender, written by Phil Leto, a mortgage broker in Denver

The Gowanus Lounge

Carnival of Real Estate

The Tucson Foothills


Geri Sonkin’s Long Island Real Estate Blog

Derek Pierce‘s REI Secrets

The Real estate guide

Mammoth Lakes Real Estate blog

Paul Dizmang‘s 417 Dwellings blog from Springfield, MO

A blog from Northeast Los Angeles

Eastern Connecticut Real Estate Blog

Youthful Real Estate Investor

Great Point Properties blog

Michael Cohen’s blog about Hamptons real estate

Home Equity Loan Lowdown

Sam Chapman's Austin Real Estate News

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Hanan, Thanks for always rolling new blogs and great 'yuppie' photo. It always strikes me odd when I hear yuppies refer to other people as yuppies. In Starbucks (of course) the other morning I listened in on a brief conversation between two 'almost 40ish' looking business woman talking about how the neighborhood is almost "completely yuppified" these days. Hello????? Talk about the pot and the kettle..
At least I know I can barely swing my humongous(sp) mortgage payment on a slow month.So I qualify.

Posted by: geno petro at Nov 22, 2006 4:42:16 AM

Hey thanks for putting my blog on the list. As I just recently started it back in late October, this was much appreciated. Cool blog by the way, its neat that it covers a lot of different subjects.

Posted by: Chris at Nov 22, 2006 8:43:01 AM

Long time reader, 1st time poster. just a quick thank you. What you add to the blogging world is informative, fun, entertaining and I'm sure appreciated by all your readers. It was great to see my friend Sam Chapman listed in your real estate blog roll.

Chris. I enjoyed your blog as well. Keep it up. Good job on those 2 investments. I'm sure the Phoenix market will come back strong.

Posted by: Stan at Nov 22, 2006 1:07:42 PM

Great blog! Gotta love the yuppie picture post! I see that here in South Tampa as well!


Posted by: Jonathan at Nov 29, 2006 1:47:48 PM

I just built another one, if you don't mind adding it to the list: Atlanta Real Estate Forum at, you guessed it, http://www.atlantarealestateforum.com/. So far only one writer, but the idea is for it to be for most anyone in the local industry.


Posted by: David at Dec 1, 2006 9:08:27 AM

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Posted by: Wally Smith at Dec 1, 2006 4:23:21 PM

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Posted by: Wally Smith at Dec 8, 2006 10:22:29 AM

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Posted by: Donald at Dec 18, 2006 2:24:06 AM

Please feel free to add my blog to your list -


It's an Atlanta-based blog with a different twist.


Posted by: Doug Quance at Dec 31, 2006 2:04:51 PM

Love the Yuppie sign, but more so the resources on your site.
I have only checked out the realestate pages so far, but see some
other topics of interest as well.

Keep up the great work.
How do you cover so many topics?

Posted by: Bryon at Mar 9, 2007 7:10:54 PM

If your still adding blogs, I would appreciate citing this Atlanta real estate blog, www.ryanwardrealestate.com/WordPress

How many people actually write for this blog?

Posted by: Ryan Ward at Dec 11, 2007 4:55:07 PM