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October 15, 2006

Beer for women

Chocolate_beer How to open a bottle of beer with a piece of paper. (GooTube)

More Beer for women

For people who like to get drunk on Halloween: Beer Keg Costume

Anchor Steam Beer Tattoos (Temporary only)

Beer Golf game

You are thirsty. You want a beverage and you want it cheap - Mappy Hour. Similar:

Mixing Beer and Elephants: Elephants had been used to promote many beers

The 25 best beers in America. (From Presurfer)

The long history of German brewing

Smallest brewery reopens in a Converted Toilet

Beer for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Posted by: adam at Dec 26, 2006 12:33:55 AM

What an idea:beer golf game,sounds interesting.I will try it some time:))

Posted by: steven davies at Jul 4, 2007 6:16:41 AM