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March 16, 2006

Web of Conspiracy

South_carolina George Engelbach, Republican delegate; farmer; retired sheet-metal worker. Hillsboro, Missouri. One of many Richard Avedon’s “Democracy” Photos, taken during the 2004 campaigns

What a Luxury Car Should Be, from Worth 1000 Time Machine 9. Other Vintage Lincoln ads

Thinkin’ Lincoln - A totally sweet webcomic

Civil War Harper's Weekly, April 29, 1865. The April 29, 1865 edition of Harper's Weekly is a first edition description of the Assassination and Death of President Lincoln. (Much more at Son of the South, the web's most extensive source of original Civil War resources)

Confederate nutters in South Carolina, who are promoting secession from the union, rejoice at a mock trial and hanging of "the evil tyrants" President Lincoln and General Sherman. (Site is down for some ungodly reason at the moment)

The original John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Tour: Our Spring 2006 tours are filled

Lincoln totem pole

Many More Unusual Links About Abraham Lincoln and About Richard Nixon Here

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