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October 26, 2005

Fractal trees

Zapato Mandel Swarm. Watch two thousand particles swarm towards the boundary of the Mandelbrot Set. After they settle into place, notice how some particles migrate out and launch themselves off of the tendrils of the Set

Fingers have fingers have fingers have fingers. Enough to count to 625 on one hand. A few more iterations and you'll be able to climb walls using the Van der Waals force. Lyle Zapato’s Dactyl fractal zoom

"There was a little old woman, about 70, sitting in the front row of one of my lectures. She wore a little hat with strawberries and cherries on it, a black patent-leather bag, and oxford shoes. The audience was all flower children. I thought somebody brought their grandmother. I would tell a far-out story, I would look over, and she would be nodding yes. So I would get a little more outrageous, testing my limits, and she kept nodding. I thought maybe she had a neck problem. At the end, I egged her to come up, and I said, "What have you done in your life where you know this stuff to be true?" She leaned forward very conspiratorially and said, "I crochet."
It blew my mind. Up to then, it was "you meditate in Burma sitting on the full moon on your head after fasting." And she crochets. I finally realized that there are lots of routes up the mountain."

- Ram Dass. The Sierpinski crochet triangles

Other samples of Mathematics Education in Fiber Arts

Wallpapers by Richard Rosenman

The Koch Snowflake Method for Writing a Novel. How do you design a novel? In my day job, I'm a software architect designing large software projects. I write fiction the same way I write software, using the "snowflake metaphor". Advice from Randy Ingermanson

Modular Origami. Models folded and photographed by Michał Kosmulski

Re-post: Fractal Food - Self-Similarity on the Supermarket Shelf

Miqel’s Introduction to the fascinating patterns of Visual Math

Fractal Collages by Auntie K

The Kleinian galleries and animations of Jos Leys

Fuzzy Logic Field, from Paul Bourke’s Fractals, Chaos

Fractal Zoom movies by Eric Bigas

New Fractal Animations

Many More Unusual Fractal Links Here

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If I ever saw that fractal food in the supermarket, I think I'd stare and stare at it, right on the spot, and forget to buy it.

Posted by: pam at Oct 27, 2005 12:05:04 AM