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August 20, 2005

Every Body is a Scared Mirror

Color_bands On Thurday at 6:00 pm, a bunch of people got together in DeCafe to reenact Leonardo DaVinchi's "The Last Supper". It was trully spectacular ...Afterwards, things got silly. Ever seen Jesus with rabit ears?

Color in Motion

David Douglas Duncan’s portraits of Picasso

Velvet painting portraits

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Alex Gray tells how his painting "Gaia", which he painted in 1989, somehow predicted the 9/11 attack. (Watch the video tour)

An ice cube’s chance in hell - Summertime art that should have lasted more than a day

Paintings by Maciej Cegłowski, (Better known as the writer behind ”Idle Words”)

Paint by Number: Accounting for Taste in the 1950s. Although many critics saw "number painting" as a symbol of the mindless conformity gripping 1950s America, paint by number had a peculiarly American virtue. It invited people who had never before held a paintbrush to enter a world of art and creativity

Joseph Seigenthaler’s Noggins

Tara Donovan’s Cube of Toothpicks. (From ”Blanketfort”)

What happens when an artist becomes a mayor? The city becomes his canvas

Aquarela, a blog about watercolors

Many More Unusual Contemporary Artists Here

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» Sacred Mirrors from Slackdaddy
Alex Grey, whose art has been used by Tool, the Beastie Boys, Nirvana, and more, gives a tour of his exhibition, The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, or CoSM. In it, he notes an eerie 9/11 correlation in one of his paintings. Link: Alex Grey via [Read More]

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