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June 22, 2005

House prices

House_prices Real Estate Commissions are Too Low. Why haven't we seen anyone propose a commission structure that says the realtor gets a 25% commission... but only on the amount above the assessed value of the property?

The stuff at Long Realty Tombstone, Tombstone, AZ. (From ”Incoming Signals”)

Strange and true broker stories. Brokers share their best and most bizarre tales

Unique properties for sale. (From ”Steel White Table”)

Repost: The Hundertwasser House in Vienna. Photo story by Uwe Steinmueller and Carl Schofield

Bubbles are for bathtubs. Condo Flip™ lets buyers of preconstruction condos resell or assign those condos to new buyers

The 387 Houses of Peter Fritz, insurance clerk from Vienna

Cozy one-bedroom. A London flat that may be the smallest apartment in the world. Its 62 square feet squeezes in a kitchenette, bath and wardrobe. The bed is on a raised platform accessed by a ladder. The rent? Only $247 a week

Directory of hard money lenders for commercial loans

Expedia founder sold on real estate idea. Richard Barton's Zillow will be online-based real estate service

After the fall. Soaring house prices have given a huge boost to the world economy. What happens when they drop?

RealtorRatingz, dedicated to helping you find the best realtors in your area

Many More Unusual Real Estate Stories Here

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I love the Tuumbleweed tiny houses, but that tiny apartment has to go - or get a matching tiny rent.

Posted by: Anne at Jun 22, 2005 3:19:54 PM

Regarding real estate commissions: a very good idea if you're working with Hanan. Perhaps not so good with someone else. It strikes me as overly dependent on personal ethics.

Posted by: Harry at Jun 23, 2005 2:28:38 AM

You're actually right, Harry. We usually get the sellers much more than their properties are worth or appraised at, and this system of getting a higher percentage of his profits will earn us even more in brokerage fees. As a matter of fact, we often use a similar system, which ensures the seller a certain net figure to them, and allows us to earn more based on that.

Posted by: Hanan at Jun 23, 2005 8:23:53 AM

It is true that no body talks about the commission of realtor. There should be a proper structure for realtor's commission.


Posted by: Rajinder Dogra at Oct 3, 2005 3:51:34 AM

There are also some flats in London partcicularly central london where you can fnd really small flats with just one bedroom that sells for £3,000,000. This was in the news recently. But these expensive prices are not just for buying the flat they also buying the Location! Now, when we talk about rent its still expensive but it isn't your property when your renting thats why many first time buyers in London struggle.

Posted by: Flats in London at Jul 30, 2007 2:47:45 AM