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May 16, 2005

No Cursing

Cursing 100 years of British buzzwords, starting at 1904

339 Puke Synonyms, from “Barf mulch” to “Upchuck”

Wikipedia’s List of fictional curse words, from frick to grozit

HBO's series Deadwood had a reputation for salty dialogue even before the first episode aired. It was nearly impossible, they said, to keep count of the number of f-words spoken during each program. We took it as a challenge. The Number of F-words In Deadwood: 1837

Glossary of Gay Slang Terms

Treatise on the Most Immature Phrase in the English Language, "My mom can beat up your mom". (From DRT News)

If you can't master English, try Globish. "It is not a language, it is a tool"

A Dictionary of Old Hobo Slang

A long list of unusual words

(Photo above from Disney Mike blog.) Many More Unusual Links about Linguistics Here

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