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March 17, 2005

No name

Skeptic Bob's Solar Project. Bob is installing a solar-electric system in his house this year, and he'll be tracking the progress on his blog. (From ”Mouse Musings”)

Self-Portrait Day - Discover new faces

The American Highway Project uses photography to document vanishing Americana such as motels, billboards, service stations, highway signs, tourist attractions, drive-in theatres and diners

Choppers and Frankenbikes

Dorkbot: People doing strange things with electricity in various parts of the world. (From ”Echo Generation”)

Uncloking Terrorist Networks by Valdis E. Krebs. A 2002 project to uncover network patterns that would reveal Al Qaeda's preferred methods of stealth organization

Many More Unusual Projetcs Here

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I added the self portrait button as soon as I
saw it. It leads to some very cool places and

Posted by: Steel Turman at Mar 17, 2005 10:15:57 PM