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November 01, 2004

To Vote or Not to Vote

Muskegon_1 Most Americans who are eligible to vote, don’t:

The following "Washington Post" story profiles Ted Prus, 37, a construction worker from Muskegon, Michigan, his girlfriend, Kim, and their 6-year-old son, Slate. "Slate got his name because it's unconventional and Ted wants his boy to be his own man, and because it's a construction material Ted respects for its hardness, and Ted wants his boy to grow up strong"... This is no Michael Moore’s story, rather it is touching and insightful. You met him many times before. He is you.

..."Many weeks, Ted pulls in less than $500, and Kim -- who used to manage a video store -- hasn't worked steadily since Slate was born. During times when construction work is light, they sometimes subsist on what Ted brings home from fishing and hunting and scavenging for wild mushrooms. The fungal forays are often done with Slate in tow because, being low to the ground, he's a better morel hunter.

It's a rule of thumb that mushrooms with insects crawling on them are the safe ones to eat. In Ted's world, that's just one of those homely facts of life you accept and live with, if you're a survivor. Another is that life isn't always fair"...

Final though: Michael Moore’s Last message

More about The Results of the Election Here

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