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October 21, 2004

Ready for the "most important election in 4 years" -

Corrupt_empire_1 Support Kafka-Orwell 2004 - while you still can! Because when absurdity rules the day, Franz Kafka's your man! And in an age of Orwellian, fact-denying "newspeak," why not go right to the source?

Real patriotism

Millionaires for Bush, Billionaires for Kerry - Why the super-rich favor the candidate who will raise their taxes

Make love - not war (By the producers of Mile High Kit. From “New York Escorts Confessions”)

Bush & Kerry Compare the size of their (Insert joke here)

The Silence of the Domes, John Eduards as The Breck girl

Comparing Bush speaking performances in 1994 and 2004: Is Bush going senile?

More from “Slate” - Bill O'Reilly's obsession with porn

Norma-Jean of the PMS Shopping Network sells the George W. Bush Action Figure. (From ”A Welsh View”). Another Jib-Jab-style parody, Political Bohemian Rhapsody

“…Both candidates have done a fantastic job of making fools of themselves over the course of the campaign…”

The text of the New York Times endorsement of John Kerry for President. The text of High Time endorsement of John Kerry for President (Under the headline: “Help, I’m stoned, who should I vote for?”)

The John Kerry soundboard from Ebaumsworld

Are you Ready to Vote? Get Your Info Here!

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