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August 15, 2004

Fool me Once

Incompetence You heard about it many times, but have you actually seen the original clip of Fool me Once? More clips at Bush vs. Bart Simpson

This AOL Straw poll predicts a complete landslide for Bush

Commercials of Fear: Fear is a powerful emotion, and instilling fear of the opponent can be a way of gaining support for a candidate

Be leery - How They Could Steal the Election This Time

Mr. Al Keyda and Child's Pay. (From the archives of Bush In 30 Seconds)

Communists for Kerry

“Illegal but gratifying right hook” - The appeal of "bad boys" in American politics

Slam debate from Battle for the Battleground

Suck your brain

FOXBlocker is an innovative new product that Filters Out Fox News network

Bush Bops

Photo above from Kaagaard. Much More about the Fair and Balanced Election Here

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