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August 24, 2004

Elvis has left the building: Time for another portion of Grow-a-Brain’s “List of Firsts”

Elvis_pelvis_1 Games of the First Olympiad - 1896

The car that changed the world: First Model T comes together - August 12, 1908

"My Daddy Rocks Me (with One Good Steady Roll)" - There are many candidates for the title of the first Rock and Roll record - 1922!

The Earliest Known Recording of Broadcast Television from the BBC's 30-line service: The 'Silvatone' Recording: 1933

Who was the first to say “Elvis has left the building”? December 15, 1956

Speech synthesis have come along way. Listen to the first full text-to-speech system, done by the Japanese Noriko Umeda and co. - 1968

One of William Henry Gates III first open letters to hobbyists - February 3, 1976

The First Blog Ever! - April 27, 1983

Who will be the first to swim around the world? Farfetched it may seem but when Benoit Lecomte swam across the Atlantic in 1998 he introduced a new global sports challenge: the first to swim around the world

Painting of Elvis with a banana above by Naoki Mitsuse. If you like ‘em, you must visit our Long List of Eclectic “First Ever”s Here

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