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June 28, 2004

"Less Is Best, Mr. Nabokov"

Lolita_playing_1In April I submitted Vladimir Nabokov's short story "Torpid Smoke" to seven online manuscript evaluation services. Other than changing the title to "Russian Smoke" and Nabokov's name to Jonathan Shade, I left the piece unaltered. My online editors had some praise for the story, but also some suggestions on how to improve it. They each charged between three and fifteen dollars for their services…

Did Nabokov Plagiarized Lolita?

27.000 Miles through 48 States – On the road with kubrick’s 1964 version and with Adrian Lyne’s 1997 version. (Very slow downloads, but worth the wait. From The Lolita Chronology). Also the Magic Finger scene here.

A clip of James Mason sees Lolita for the first time in the garden, and James Mason reads the opening lines of the story

First American Review of “Lolita” from September 1958

Lolita, the opera

Lolita Foreward

Nabokov's Passion for Butterflies and Nabokov as Translator

Hitchcock and Nabokov

(The reason I find the still-photo above of interest is, naturally, because it's in color, while Kubrick's film was in black & white). More Unusual Nabokov Links Here

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Priviet from Saint Petersburg :)

Two my VN resources..

Speak Memory (Drugie Berega),
Lolita.. Dolores, Olia.. Lo.. Ol.. sosound :)
associative sites..

i work & live not
very far of his home here, at SPb, maybe will
do some photos.. places described at Speak Memory
well known to me..

thanks for resource..

Posted by: korbendfs at Aug 9, 2004 5:27:55 AM