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May 28, 2004

More about the Danish Royal Wedding

danish_soldier A few weeks ago, Denmark was swept by hoopla of Crown Prince Frederik's wedding. Here are some magnificent Panoramic shots of the Royal Wedding . (From “Pre-Surfer”). Immediately after, the Spanish Crown Prince Felipe also got married to a “commoner”. The blue blood of Europe's royal families is increasingly diluted by the common red variety

Elsewhere: Sculptures Days is draft samples made to encourage cities to erect huge metallic sculptures in spectacular places, by designer Asbjorn Lonvig

Danish trawler made a surprise catch on Monday when it found a A German submarine in its net off the coast of northern Denmark

Danish incentive program to keep employees satisfied...

US Department of State’s Travel Warnings to Denmark

Many More Unusual Links about Denmark And About India Here

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I found this poem from Poems.com, I would like
to share.

Happiness is Being Danish

says the license plate frame
of the sky blue compact
in front of me at the stop light,
and I think, well, what chance
did I have, with parents like mine —
French, and Irish, and German —
and under the harangue
of the windshield wipers,
I can just make out the sighs
of my unhappy chromosomes,
forced to perform their slow minuet
in green tights, to the strains
of martial music.

And these others
waiting at the intersection,
I'll bet they're not Danish either
and never will be — exiles, all of us,
behind the razor wire of "Being,"
a state which precludes becoming,
by act of will, or the usual consular
channels; required to declare
Either/Or when we yearn to settle
freely in Both/And; a dilemma
understood by no one

better than Kierkegaard,
saddest of Danes. See how he labors
in line behind us, alone
with the problem of Being,
weighing it over and over
in the long red light of sacrifice,
looking up now and then
from his notebook
to remember Regine —

how they'd once danced the Hopsa
in the Town Hall Square,
then stood, hand in hand,
in the unequivocal light
of the Copenhagen winter, happy
to be Danish and in love,
with blue sky ahead of them,
waiting for green.

Jennifer Maier

Posted by: Regina Olsen at May 30, 2004 10:56:59 AM

I thought the music at this wedding was wonderful.

Is there a recording / CD available anywhere ?

Thanking you


Posted by: John Miller at Oct 6, 2004 5:24:25 AM