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April 25, 2004

JimmyKimmelMaking the rounds today: “ Hey Crackhead Yes, you! Why don’t you own a Crack pipe?!”

Viral Marketing of the bad kind - The infamous Doubletree Presentation - Yours is a Very Bad Hotel

Truth, honesty and the deepest form of sincerity are always close at hand with those Honesty Stamps

Small, delightful vignettes from “Very Important Things”, like ‘Here at the center for mental health, we put the “pulse” back in obsessive compulsive, “man” back in manic depressive, and “aixelsyde” back in dyslexia.

Noel’s Pee Pee, gas & Minimart road sign

sofa_kingSeen on the side of a bus - “Our prices are Sofa-King low!”

Mikeyboy does a goatse (Not endorsed by the Vegetarian Society but I wish it was)...

Jumping Jokes - is a collection of Flash cartoons, games and interactive E-Cards inspired by the cut-out style of Terry Gilliam. (From "Capital of Nasty”, creators of The Coglione D'Oro)

Shake that Booty

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